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Trust the Girl Palace

There was a double rainbow outside today, but I could only capture this one, and I'll take it.

When I came home from the Antioch Writers’ Workshop a few weeks ago, I was convinced I needed to revamp my writing space to create a place more accommodating than my living room sofa to nurture a free flow of ideas. I waited and even tried to dawdle myself out of the plan, but it gnawed at me until I could take it no longer.

Yesterday, I converted our spare room into a quite space with a desk and my laptop. I feverishly dragged stuff in and out of the room to make a space I could call my own.

Writing has been part of my life and job for a very long time, and I’ve flirted with writing books, but I start and stop and tell myself my ideas and stories are lame and stupid and best left to someone smarter, funnier, better with words. If I did capture a good idea, I chastised myself with the notion I wasn’t the right person to tell the story.

I spent the week at the conference last month feeding off the creativity of others and encouraged by well-published authors telling me the only way I would fail was to give up. I was blanketed with the support I needed to trust the process, trust myself.

I’ve been thinking about trust a lot lately. I don’t trust easily, myself or others, and it’s been just recently I’ve realized how pervasive it has been throughout my life, but I’m over it. I may not always know where I’m headed, but I want to be open and trusting of where I might find myself if only given the opportunity.

I know bad things happen, really bad things, and sometimes people and places and God let you down, but I think I want to give this trust thing a whirl, and I want to start with me.

I did that this weekend when I created my girl version of a man cave. I have a desk for writing, a place for making jewelry when the urge to create something other than words on a page presents itself, and a comfy place to read when I just want to enjoy someone else’s craft.

My hope is for the room to evolve into a place that reflects the person I am learning to become, comfortable and trusting and at ease in my own skin.

How about you? Where do you find quiet peaceful moments?


One Response

  1. I’m sure this was just an oversight, but you did not mention if your new space had a side table, with a coaster, to sit your glass of wine. That, my friend, will make any activity in which you indulge, more enjoyable.

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