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Batter Up

I’m not sure how last week unraveled, but I’m recovering from a carb tryst.

My batting average tanked with a business trip to Cleveland, which included an Indians game – in the Indians suite, no less. Beer, hot dogs, subs, cookies, you name it; all there within too-easy-of-reach. It was a pretty cool way to watch a baseball game, but my eating habits mirrored the performance of the home team ending their winning streak, and I left feeling bloated and jittery and more disappointed with myself than with the Indians.

Traveling over the weekend didn’t help matters much, but today I got back to business and concentrated on healthy foods, packed with protein, wishing there was a way to outlaw over-processed shit that I like to dump down my pie hole.

This morning I managed to skip donuts at a special event and cookies in the office and dove into a bowl of fat-free cottage cheese and fruit for breakfast at my desk. Woo hoo, not nearly as interesting, but I felt no compunction to start my week full of errors that I wasn’t prepared to calculate.

Midday Pilates and a salad for lunch kept the momentum going. Tonight, I dumped my stuff at the front door and quickly made some eggs scrambled with a bunch of veggies before I could talk myself into a tortellini binge.

So, this week I’m looking to improve my batting average. Exercise and food journaling will hopefully get me to home plate.


4 Responses

  1. I’m right there with you. I had three days in a row (actually only the nights were bad and I managed to eat well during the day for each of those days) where I was eating everything in sight (and even things I had locked away in a cabinet that were out of sight — but not our of mind apparently) but today I am back on track. I have a few too many pounds to “undo” I’m afraid, but I brought it all on myself. Boo hoo.

  2. P.S. I love the baseball analogy!

  3. Yea, I’m afraid I’m never alone. I can also relate to the evening thing. That’s what drives me nuts – I make great choices during the days most days, and then evening comes and I head into decompression eating…

  4. The last time I was in one of the boxes at a ballgame, the hosts served burgers and ‘dogs…and fresh fruits and veggies, and cookies for dessert. It was easy to stay in control with the fruit to nibble on.

    Wishing you an awesome recovery week!

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