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Refreshed and Rejuvenated

I slept really well last night – no wakey, wakey. I seem to have latched onto this term that my trainer uses to describe my muscles, but believe me it has a completely different connotation today.

The lack of a bedtime snack may have something to do with the phenomena. Mostly, I tell myself that I MUST eat an evening snack to avoid deprivation, but we ate dinner around 7 p.m. so a snack seemed more than a bit goofy. Even as I made the conscious decision to skip it, I wondered if I would wake in the middle of the night so hungry I wouldn’t be able to gather the energy to make it to the bathroom for my clock-work trip to the toity. The other thing omitted yesterday was caffeine after 2 p.m.

What I did enjoy was a day of pretty balanced eating, except for the Sugardaddy’s brownie, but it is the supreme treat so I accounted for it and thoroughly enjoyed it going down. The sugar definitely fucked with my gut later, but I sincerely doubt that I will lodge that complaint anywhere in my mind to retrieve later when I’m tempted to dive into the sugar bowl again. The most I can hope for is moderation at this point.

Anyway, here’s what the food looked like yesterday:

Banana, 6 oz. FF Greek yogurt, ½ cup steel-cut oats

Handful of almonds on my way to the gym (Usually I count the portion out, but I lost track of time and had to run to get to my class.)

Big salad (mixed greens, boiled egg, radish, 1 tsp. flavored olive oil, seasoning) and FF cottage cheese

1 Sugardaddy’s Brownie (OK, one and a quarter)

Apple and green beans (homeward bound snack)

4 oz. grilled chicken, ½ c. whole wheat couscous, steamed spinach, kimchee.

Minus a few extra almonds and the brownie, I feel good about the food I consumed, and to eat a night time snack would have had absolutely nothing to do with hunger.

Did the lack of snacking and no caffeine have anything to do with the good night’s sleep? Am I going to need to test the hypothesis again this evening? Doh.


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