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Poetry in a Pork Roast

I did myself no freaking favors yesterday by eating sugar, aka. a cookie nearly the size of my head and a chocolate milkshake. STUPID. I woke up grouchy and proceed straight to bitchy.

I ate a wholesome breakfast this morning – cream of wheat and skim milk. This afternoon we grilled a lean pork roast and munched on fresh spinach that had come up “volunteer” from last year’s garden. I topped it off with some strawberries. The entire meal tasted great and satisfied my rumblings.

To keep myself from perusing the snack cabinet, I threw together some hummus in the food processor. I like making hummus from scratch – so much less fat than store-bought varieties. I plan on taking it to work with me this week to dip my veggies in during the mid-morning-toddler snack time.

Even today’s healthy menu was not enough to get and keep me on track, but I knew exercise would also help. As soon as Russell finished cleaning the family room where my stationary bike taunted me, I hopped on and planned to stay there until I felt the urge to recite love poems to my family. I was afraid that I might have to stay there all day. I never did reach the point where I pined for poetry, but I guess it’s not really my gig anyway.

Yes, there was a crapfest last night, but I’m trying to look at the positive. I woke up this morning and recognized that I didn’t want to continue the trend and took the steps to ensure I didn’t endure a repeat performance.

How do you get back on track with food and exercise?


3 Responses

  1. Like you, a good dash of protein usually does it. Also, if I can aim for fruit when I crave sugar, that helps from TOTALLY falling off the wagon. As far as exercise, if I can start off with something I like, or something easy, that makes me want to continue on a better trend. I like lifting weights right now, because if I do the required number of reps, I feel like I’ve accomplished something.

  2. I definitely agree with exercise that you like. I also am working with a trainer – I forgot how much I enjoy lifting weights.

  3. I ate sugar too! Funny how in the moment it feels so good and later it feels so bad:(

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