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Yummilicious Food Choices

It’s new and the same all at once.

I’ve been feeling pretty bored with my food lately so this weekend I decided to put a little effort into meal and snack planning. Weekend is tough because I have the tendency, especially in the winter months, to call my bedroom aka. cave home as I carry in rations that will last until the April thaw.

Saturday afternoon, I enjoyed lunch with friends at Akai Hana, my favorite Japanese restaurant in Columbus, and then I took Russell shopping. We ended up stopping at Chipotle before we headed home. I usually get a salad, skipping the cheese, guacamole and sour cream, beefing up instead on the veggies, beans, lettuce, salsa and a little chicken. But I was having a weak moment and opted for a burrito. No worries though, I cut the monstrosity in half and threw its mate in the trash before I nibbled it away. I felt pretty good with the choice and the accountability.

Sunday afternoon Lyle grilled a bunch of pork chops and chicken quarters. Yummo. For lunch, I ate one of the small pork chops and then filled my plate with a veggie stir fry. I wanted to keep it light given the fact I ate a cinnamon roll for breakfast. For dinner, I reheated chicken and drizzled Bulldog Sauce over it. The sauce is really for tonkatsu, which is a fried Japanese pork chop, but we use the condiment for anything that you would pour barbeque sauce over. It’s pretty tasty and can be found in Asian groceries like Tensuke Market. I rounded out dinner with whole wheat couscous and some sautéed green beans.

My life doesn’t feel complete without an evening snack, but I was looking for something healthy that was sweet and satisfying. I can’t remember the last time I made a parfait; I know it was long before I discovered Greek yogurt. Trader Joes has a great store brand that is quite a bit cheaper than the Fage, which is my all-time fave. I layered it with Kashi Go lean Crunch and frozen raspberries. In between layers, I sprinkled a little Truvia, my new-found favorite sweetener. Delicious.

The entire weekend I was in control and felt content, which led to a good Monday of food choices and a great reminder that a little planning goes a long way toward satisfaction.

What is your best tool for making good food choices?


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