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Drink in the Brown

I never thought I would be so happy to see the color brown. As I drove home this evening I drank in the muddy fields running beside the freeway. I didn’t even care that crystallized piles of gravel and salt and snow lay cluttered alongside the road or wherever snow plows pushed them earlier in the season.

I suppose it helped today that the mud and dirt and rest of winter ick were accompanied with a good deal of sunshine and temperatures in the 50s. I know we could potentially have another sinful tryst with winter, but certainly we’re over the worst. For all those pessimists out there, yes, I realize that we’ve had some doozy storms over Presidents’ Day, but thanks to a little vitamin D today as I took Sonya for a run on the bike, I was able to become one with my inner Pollyanna so I’m not thinking that far ahead.

The fact that it stays light until a little after 6 p.m. is helpful too. It seems odd to be appreciative of a 6:15 sunset when summer months bring such beautifully long fiery skies, and I know we still have a long way before I’m sipping frosty beverages on the back porch in summer light that feels as though it might simply roll into the next day. But today made me feel like it will all work out just fine, so all the sharp objects are safe around me for a while longer.

Even though crocus and hyacinth and jonquils aren’t far from blooming, the first inkling of spring still finds me longing for Arizona or Florida to get some deeply warm sunny weather, but that is hard to justify given I’ve essentially just returned from both places. If a lottery check happens to fall from the sky, I’d be happy to make reservations to someplace toasty warm over spring break.

Instead of looking toward the sky in anticipation, I think I will begin a little plan for my garden. It won’t be long until I’m digging in the dirt and planning for the veggie feast and the fresh flowers. What do you most enjoy about the anticipation of spring?


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  1. We’ve had gorgeous weather here, too, and even though it’s gray today, it’s still warm. And for that I’m so very grateful! Enjoy the respite!

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