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Progress? I Let You Know Tomorrow

OMG. I wasn’t planning on blogging about working out today, but I’m in too much pain not to.

I took some freaking extreme group fitness class today with a dude named Jamar. He looked human enough and I even talked to him last night while I was at the Y shooting a video for Crush Cabin Fever with Downtown Dodgeball. I heard a lot of talk in the locker room about him – mostly relating to his torture routines, but I also wanted to step it up a notch, and he assured me that I could modify the exercises to protect my knees. Well, I performed his fucking modifications and my knees are still on fire, and yet I get muscle soreness to look forward to this weekend. I can hardly wait. The only thing that saved him from me killing him on the spot was he was mighty fine on the eyes (I guess it’s also a prerequisite for male fitness instructors), and I couldn’t lift my arms up to whack him over the head with a curling bar or some dumbbells when the class was over.

But I think he may also play into my locker room experiment. I was too sore and tired to really give a rat’s ass who saw my saggy boobs and dimply bum. So, my question is this: is this considered progress or exhaustion?

I gotta go find the ibuprofen. I’d take a hot bath, but I’m afraid I might not be able to climb out of the tub. I suppose there are worse things than slipping under the water and drowning in the comfort of my own home – like waking up tomorrow morning and trying to walk.

Have a good one.


4 Responses

  1. holy cow! I’m really curious to get the update about this one.
    usually it’s much worse the next day or even two days later, so I have no idea what happens when you already feel like this.
    I know I need to kick up my workouts a lot too, but you’re a bit of a mad woman.

  2. I have the “knee issue” as well. I’ve been wondering if an Ace-type support might help. Any thoughts?

  3. Peggy – Depending on the issue with the knee, a support might help with stability, but mine has really more to do now with arthritis – all those years of playing volleyball in high school and after college took their toll. You might want to try one though…worth a shot.

  4. Teresa – yes I think I overdid it…must re-evaluate

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