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Forgetting to Eat, Madness I Tell You

I have a dilemma. I keep forgetting to eat lunch. OK, so it’s not so much that it slips my mind, but I haven’t found a good time to eat now that I’m working out when I would normally chow down.

Here’s a glimpse of my day, and I would love some suggestions.

5:30am – Wake up, drink coffee, write, drink more coffee. If I eat my breakfast, I’m hungry by the time I get to the office.

6:30am – Hop in the shower (this could take place at 6:15 if I’m carpooling).

7:10am – Walk the dog or leave for work. Grab a banana or apple on the way out the door.

8:30am – Eat breakfast at my desk. Usually steel-cut oats, yogurt or cottage cheese.

10:30 or 11am – Toddler snack, which include raw veggies and either a protein bar or yogurt and fruit. This snack is important because I need to eat something before I workout, but I don’t want to load up.

12:20pm – Workout. The time varies a bit depending on the class/plan at the gym.

1:30pm – Back in the office. I try to eat lunch, but often I have a meeting or something pressing.

4pm – Departure snack. I try to eat something an hour or so before I leave the office so I’m not famished when I walk through the door at home. Usually, it is a piece or two of low-fat string cheese and a piece of fruit or a protein bar if I haven’t already eaten one during the day.

6:30 or 7p – Dinner. We usually eat within minutes of arriving home. We all get pretty grouchy if we push past this time, and lately it’s been closer to 7p, which I really don’t like either.

8p – Snack. I know it may sound childish, but I totally feel deprived without a nighttime snack. It’s usually Kashi cereal, 94% FF popcorn or yogurt.

Kitchen Closed. I’ve been trying very hard not to eat past 8pm. It just sets up a bad chain of events if I start munching. It becomes the evening entertainment and the off switch goes haywire.

Today I ended up eating my morning veggies in the afternoon with a handful of almonds and a piece of fruit. It worked, but it’s just not too satisfying, and I’m afraid that will bite me in the ass if I’m not careful. Yesterday, I skipped it entirely and ate three pieces of fresh fruit before I left work for the evening.

How do you plan your meals, snacks and workouts? I’d love to hear from you about what works and what doesn’t. Please post your comments.


6 Responses

  1. WOW sounds like my day but mine often starts at 4AM.. Something I try is to eat a string cheese or almonds first thing. Start with a tad of protein… You say you are hungry when you get to work..so that could be when you eat that piece of fruit.. anyway, what I do, is pack my breakfast, lunch and snack… whenever I eat it is when it gets eaten…its the same amount of food for me…Just curious what are you eating for dinner that you can have within minutes of arriving home…

  2. I’m with you totally on the protein. I gotta have it. The almonds worked beautifully today, but I also know that I have to eat things that have visual appeal, weird but true.

    As far as dinner goes…I plan ahead and utilize what I call investment cooking – perhaps a piece of meat is grilled one night with veggies and a salad, maybe some rice or potatoes. The next night the leftovers are repurposed into tacos or fajitas. I also find that mid week, the crock pot is my friend. Last night I made a roast in the crockpot – easy sneazy – roast, one Guinness, a little garlic and rosemary, and some whole potatoes tossed on top. YUMMO. In the winter, I make a lot of roasted chicken on Sunday evenings when I have more time. After we eat dinner, I make a stock with the carcass and then put it in the fridge overnight so the fat rises to the surface. When we get home that night, I throw together soup – veggies or noodles or barley and mushrooms. We can be eating within about 30 minutes. I am the soup queen! I have some recipes on the blog. Then we eat on the soup a couple nights. Hope that helps.

  3. I can’t exercise if I’m hungry. I know, it’s all a mental thing. But still. I’m a big snacker and really want to cut back on that, the ones I eat when I’m not actually hungry.

  4. Some days my exercise/eating get out of eating, too, and it’s hard to get back on schedule. The thing is that our bodies need that nourishment (protein, carbs, fat) after a workout for fuel. It actually improves our metabolism. Would it work to move the protein bar to post-workout? The good ones usually have the proper make-up to meet nutritional needs.

  5. Cammy, You might have a good idea here. I know I need to replenish with all the nutrients. I like the Kashi Go Lean Protein Rolls and they seem pretty balanced. I’ll have to play around a little. Tommorrow I’m heading to the gym a little earlier than usual so that might work better.

  6. Karen, I think we do need to make sure we have fuel before a workout too. If I skip it, I get real light headed, especially if it is an intense workout.

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