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Words You Never Think You’ll Say

Sorry, for my absence this week. I’ve been really sick. I went to the doctor on Tuesday, mostly because my son was sick, and I thought if I was getting the flu, which I thought was what he had, maybe the doc would give me one of those stupid drugs that they give to shorten the symptoms.

He told us that neither one of us felt bad enough to have the flu. Whatever, I didn’t feel good enough to argue. Sometimes I wonder why I go to doctors. They usually tell me to do the same thing that I’ve been doing at home and then charge me for it. Anyway, we went home armed with a little additional artillery, prepared for anything that was going to come our way.

“OK, let’s do some drugs,” I said to my son as soon as we returned home. We both looked at each other and laughed hysterically. I don’t know whether it was the ridiculousness of the statement or how lousy we felt. The Z-Pack was the butt of our joke, and it pushed aside the Pink Floyd or Doors music that was thumping around in my head alongside the 12 pounds of mucous. Yea, it’s been pretty around here.

We’re on the mend now, but the boy missed the entire week of school. I worked at home most of the week so I wouldn’t infect anyone else, but yesterday I used a sick day because my world was so foggy I could barely find my own name, let alone use it. I’m feeling better today, but I think I’ll work remotely again. It seems to take less energy to hang out on a computer in my jammies than at my desk at work. I’m sure my coworkers will also thank me.

I’m really ready for spring so I can open some windows to let some fresh air and new energy in. I’m pretty tired of being sick. It feels like I’ve struggled with something for most of the winter. It’s annoying because I also feel like I’ve taken better care of myself this winter than I have in a while. Anyone else been hit with the flu and cold bug harder than usual this year? Here’s hoping that I’ll have a little better luck the rest of January.


2 Responses

  1. Wow Melissa… I hate to say this, (to you), but I have not been sick in 2 years… with anything other than a minor sniffle. See you Saturday a.m. and hope you are feeling better. xoxo

  2. Thanks Robin…sorry I missed you guys today. I had hoped that I was going to be able to make it, but I didn’t want to take the risk of making anyone else sick.

    Yea, this year has hit me hard…Usually, I’m like you…few sniffles, and I’m good to go.

    Have a good week!

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