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Rigorous Program Requires Cleanup

The snarky moratorium is working in spite of the fact that my son is sick and my husband is in the throes of sympathy pains for the kidlet. I should receive some kind of medal for putting up with both of them. I am a lousy nursemaid, but performed gallantly – they are still both breathing after all.

I had to do it because I remember how much I loved it when my mom would fawn over me when I would stay home from school sick. Now that I think about it, that’s a bold-face lie, I didn’t appreciate it at all when I was a kid. It wasn’t until I was an adult and home sick for the first time that I thought about how all my favorite things used to just appear out of nowhere. So, thanks, Mom. I really was grateful.

Lyle cracks me up with the whole pseudo illness crap. He even experienced morning sickness alongside me with both pregnancies. I would wake up and nibble on a few saltines just so I could ooze out of bed, and almost every morning, he would groan and ask for his share. This is the same man who complains that I’m always going to the doctor. Whatever, at least I have illnesses that stretch beyond my imagination.

I hope this snarky cessation program doesn’t need to extend to my blog because I’m in deep shit if it does. As my fingers fly over the keyboard, it occurs to me that I need a bit of an outlet if I’m going to maintain the rigorous curriculum.

It may, however, be working for the men in the house. They have actually been pretty nice…even the boy who has been living with an outrageous fever the last two and a half days. I, on the other hand, fell apart yesterday evening and nearly ate my house.

I didn’t go straight to the cupboards, really. I first employed all kinds of strategies. I planned and made a tasty and healthy lunch; I worked out on my exercise bike and one of those freaking resistance balls; and I even removed myself from the menacing environment. I was planning on going to bed to avoid the rumblings; however, I was worried about my son so I stayed up to keep an eye on him and started munching, but I didn’t beat myself up. Today I was right back where I needed to be, albeit bloated and very gassy. Was I ever glad that my co-worker was at an all-day conference, whew.

I always try to take something away from an experience, but for the life of me I can’t glean a damn thing, except that I when the pot boiled over, it left a crusty mess to clean up on the stove, but I grabbed a scouring pad and some Bar Keeper’s Friend and I was good to go.

This morning I packed a satisfying lunch and went to a Pilate’s class. I think I’m seeing improvement there, too. I told the instructor how much I was enjoying the class, and that I didn’t even cuss her today until the very end. She looked at me and sorta laughed. I think these exercise instructors need to lighten up a bit. Perhaps the Spandex is depriving them of oxygen or something. The plan tomorrow includes more of the same, hopefully with the same results as today.

What is the best way you for you to get back on track when you’ve slid just a little?


2 Responses

  1. I think you speak for the women of America, this one at least. and you say it so well!

  2. The way I always get back on track after sliding a bit is to get extra sleep. Not only is extra sleep good for metabolism but for the spirits and energy level as well. I wake up feeling better and with more motivation to start back up with the necessary routine.

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