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Good Meal, Good Times, Good Friends

I just got home from a wonderful evening with some dear friends.

We were an unlikely crew to ever become acquainted, but four of us found each other through Weight Watchers, sharing alongside each other during staff classes. We added another recently who complements the mix just fine.

I don’t mention Weight Watchers here very often because I fully recognize the fact that there are many different paths for people to lose weight, and Weight Watchers at times can seem a little cultish, even for those of us who follow the program. To each his own, but I do need to acknowledge something bigger than a ding dong meeting or plan or way of life. The real reason I became friends with these people is that I allowed myself to be vulnerable, not something that comes very easily to me.

The friendship budded over food – of course. I invited, no convinced, well maybe coerced them to go to a Japanese restaurant for lunch after a meeting one day. I love sushi, and I started by bringing it to the meeting with me. A few people were curious, and then once they got there, it just kind of stuck. I must say, this lunch date is probably one of the things I look forward to the most every week.

I’m Me with these people. I share my triumphs, my fears and my anxieties with them. They are there to give me a nudge, hug or even a kick in the ass if I need that. No sugar coating or tippy-toeing around. Authentic. Loving. Funny.

I’m lucky to have them in my life, but also very fortunate to have other relationships that I value as much as this one. Many of us are wrapping up a very gluttonous time of year and are contemplating what we want for the coming year. How do the people in your life play into your plans for the New Year?

I want to appreciate the fact that I’m blessed with good people – lots of them. It can be challenging to make time for everyone who is dear to me, but people are what make my life full. The interactions and connections and spirit that arise from these open and honest relationships helps me get closer to the person I hope to become.

And, as a side note, we shared two desserts among the five of us, and there was still some left, but the carrot cake was the size of a loaf of bread so I’m not sure if that really counts.


5 Responses

  1. I’m jealous!

    Coincidentally, when I did WW many years ago it was with a woman who I had met at my gym and at the boys’ school. We because great diet and workout partners and friends for life. Sadly, she moved very far away:(

  2. And what’s so wrong with tippy-toeing, is what I’d like to know? 🙂

    Friends who understand you and support you (and allow you to support them) are priceless! I’m so glad you recognize their value.

    And carrots are vegetables, so I think that discounts the loaf-size. Or maybe not.

  3. @Cammy – I like the way you think with the carrots.

    Yep, good friends are the best.

    I have to admit though I’m glad the the seasonal celebrations are coming to a close-it’s too hard to keep my head on straight.

  4. I’m also releived the season is over! I had such a hard time with all the temptations this year!!! Well, not just this year, I have a hard time with this every year… 2011 will be the year I conquer this problem!

  5. I definitely need to tweak some things to get back on track. I let temptations mess with my head like previous fat days. It didn’t work any better in 2010 than it did then so I’m going back to know what I know works – eat less, move more and remembering that chocolate cake doesn’t solve anything. 🙂

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