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Building Off The Positive

Today was a good day. I felt strong and full of conviction toward my new set of goals.

I arrived at my office this morning after a week of vacay greeted by a big plate of cookies and fudge. Are you kidding me? Did I mention that I hadn’t eaten my oatmeal yet, and the banana that I devoured in the car was quickly waning? I scooped the goodies up before I removed my mittens and took them to a break room for others to enjoy that would be out of my reach or smell. Whew, crisis averted.

Mid morning I had a meeting at the YMCA and I planned catch a Pilates or yoga class afterward, but the meeting wrapped up earlier than anticipated. I entertained a brief moment of leaving without a workout when the elliptical machine in the women’s locker room was also occupied, but I changed my clothes and headed down to the fitness room and found several machines just waiting for me. I also managed 10,000 steps today – even if it did mean finishing with a walk in the dark with the dog and nearly getting run over by a moron going way too fast in our neighborhood. Slow down, people. There are other dip shits like me walking in the dark.

I had scheduled a haircut right after work, but I munched on an apple on the way so I wouldn’t chew off my arm when I was finished. I felt very proud of myself when I bypassed the Schuler’s Bakery next door. Damn, they have good donuts, but I didn’t even listen to the little voice saying they also make whole wheat varieties, which is totally sacrilegious.

As soon as I got home, I kicked off my shoes, put some turkey and garbanzo bean curry stew on the stove to reheat and made a turkey sandwich as the perfect accompaniment. I can’t quite figure out if the curried stew is any good to share the recipe because my sinuses are still screwed up, which has my taster on the fritz. I froze the rest of it this evening so it might be an interesting meal when I reheat it later.

Then came 8 p.m. Snack time. I wanted sugar. I deserved it – I had been soooo good all day, and I even avoided the donuts. I pulled out the Pop Tarts and peeked at the nutrition label – holy crap, totally not worth it, nor was the frosted cereal I found in the same cupboard. Instead, I opted for some Raisin Bran Crunch, which is still pretty sugary, but it was satisfying and at least had some fiber and protein.

I’m not sure what tomorrow will bring, but I think with a little planning I might be at least headed in the right direction. Care to join me? How was your day?


2 Responses

  1. I had a good eating day too:) Those darn Pop Tarts! We have them around for my teen. Yum and ugh.

  2. It does feel good to be in control…just need to string a bunch of these days together!

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