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To Torture Or Not To Torture

So, I’ve been trying to decide whether or not it is a good idea to join a gym. There is a YMCA within walking distance to where I work, and I took them up on a trial membership.

Winter is a tough time for me to actually make myself exercise, but my body and mind need it desperately. I told myself for a long time that the only thing standing in my way was a variety of activities and the convenience factor. I’ve got that now, plus an added incentive that my employer reimburses me for half of a gym membership.

Last week was the first week I gave it a shot. I went on my lunch hour a couple days and stayed late one night to take class. I used the elliptical machine, swam and took a spin class last week. Today I took a Pilates class, my first attempt with that. I had heard it was a great workout, and I was lulled by the calming music similar to what can be found in a yoga class. I decided to report on it tonight because I have a feeling that I won’t be able to move by morning. Holy shit, it was hard, but I’m really glad I stuck it out. It might be just the ticket to make friends with my thighs and gut; hopefully all will shrink a bit in the process. If you’ve never tried Pilates, I encourage you to give it a whirl as long as you don’t mind self-inflicted torture. Seriously though, it was a good workout, and I certainly wouldn’t have worked that hard at home on my own.

I’ve decided that going on my lunch hour may be the best hope of staying with it. I can go into the office a little early to make up for the “commute” time as I walk a few blocks to get there, and the best part is that it’s done and out of the way by 1 p.m.

Tomorrow I’m going to try a yoga class. It’s been a few years since I took yoga, but I really enjoyed it when I did it. The spin class that I took last week after work was also a great workout, but I didn’t like getting home late so I think I will stick it out with the noon-time work out. The added benefit is that it gives me a bit of a boost to get through the afternoon.

All in all, I felt pretty damn good with the fact that I traipsed out in the snow this afternoon in very frigid temperatures to take some time to do something good for my body. By the end of the week, I will need to make a decision about the membership, but I think it will be something that will pay big dividends. I’ve noticed a payoff already with increased energy and an elevated mood. I might just make it through January and February with my sanity intact.

What can you do for yourself this winter to keep yourself on track?


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  1. That’s great that you made the effort to start! It’s even better that you’d be walking there — every little bit helps! You’re in Ohio, right? Isn’t it a cold walk?

    As for me, I’ve hated going outside with a passion, even just to walk to the mailbox. After losing all the weight, I’m constantly cold, to the point where my fingers and toes always feel like they’re in vice grips! Being in Wisconsin means that I have several more months of winter through which to suffer!

    I’ll be looking forward to hearing how it’s progressing!

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