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Riding Strong

We made a whirlwind visit to my dad’s house to celebrate Thanksgiving and we are back already – actually made it home yesterday evening. There were all the food challenges one might expect and a few that I hadn’t planned for.

We arrived on Wednesday and I helped make pre-preparations. It gave me the opportunity to see what the biggest challenges were likely going to be around the buffet table. The meal doesn’t vary a lot from year to year, but I wanted to feel strong going in. Using this day to fall off the wagon for the next month and a half was simply not an option. My pants are too damn tight right now as it is.

I had decided early on that I would sample my favorites in order to boot out any possibility of feeling deprived. The main strategy included no second helpings. That was a good call. I still felt like I ate more than what was necessary (especially from the dessert table), but I looked at it as one meal, one plate, no encores.

Even with dessert I feel OK because anytime you find yourself in a place with a dessert TABLE, I look at it as a success if I get out standing without the need to unbutton my pants so I feel pretty damn good about the fact that I ate a small piece of pumpkin pie, a sliver of pecan pie, a muffin-tin size of cherry delight and a cookie. Was it too much? Hell yes, but considering what it could have been, I’m damn happy. Again, I wasn’t looking for perfection.

I was also really glad that I decided to get at the end of the line when everyone started through the buffet procession. That was a real life saver. I also ate a nice salad and some yogurt and Fiber One about an hour before the meal. We didn’t plan to eat until 1 p.m. and I knew that was asking for trouble if I didn’t have a hearty snack going into it.

We left the scene about 4 p.m. My dad asked if we wanted to take one of the pumpkin pies home since I was the one who made them. My NOOOOO must have been even bigger than intended because he looked at me as if I slapped him. My resolve was beginning to wane at the point and I certainly didn’t need a pumpkin pie in the trunk of my car waiting on me when I got home to begin a session of decompression eating. No Thanks.

That was also a good choice. I did want to munch to relax when we walked through our door, but instead I settled for a bowl of shredded wheat and then surfed the net for a little while. Could I have made some better choices? Yeah sure, there’s always room for improvement, but all in all I felt pretty good about the situation.

How did your day go? What worked and what didn’t?


2 Responses

  1. Only ate what I *really* wanted, and skipped anything else. Came away, happy but not stuffed

  2. That is the most important thing of all. On Thanksgiving, I ate a little more, ok a lot more, than what I wanted. It was still better than some years, but I left too much room for improvement.

    I had another opportunity to try it again last night at a friend’s house and was much more successfull at it…I suppose learning from experience is part of the gig.

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