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It’s Looking Up

I didn’t blog last week because I felt like crap. I caught a cold from my delightful 16-year-old boy – big surprise considering he was spewing his phlegm all over the house at every given opportunity last week; however, I can relate to his actions. It’s one of those things that you want other family members to really understand how bad you feel, and what better way than to share a piece of it.

I stayed home from work yesterday and skipped teaching my WW class today in hopes of giving myself some much needed rest. Yesterday afternoon, I layed in the hammock under the warm rays of the sun and closed my eyes as I listened to the golden leaves above fall, their dried edges landing with hushed whispers as they hit the ground. Even with watery eyes and a stuffed up nose, I was thankful for the experience.

A little Vitamin D made the day tolerable, almost pleasant. To help improve conditions, Sonya, our devoted little beagle, was by my side much of the day. Well, mostly she was in my lap.

Her cue is any blanket that she sees flapping in the air and landing on a human. I even let her lay on the couch with me some nights when I couldn’t sleep in bed because of all the coughing and hacking. I think she thoroughly enjoyed herself. She doesn’t seem to care where she is as long as she is in close proximity to a person.

This morning she saw the blanket come out again and she started to whine and chirp and wag her tail in anticipation of her big leap, but I wouldn’t clear a space for her and worse yet, I sternly scolded her. Dejected, she looked over at the cat, curled up on HER pillow and cried some more.

Then, just like a toddler who notices his usually attentive, but distracted mommy talking on the telephone, pacing the room as she yacks, Sonya started ripping into all of Russell’s crap that I had tossed into a chair after being too annoyed to step over it one more time. She’s particularly fond of hats. I cursed at Sonya again and picked up Russell’s shit for the second time. I was tempted to let her chew his stuff up, but I knew that he would only get angry with the dog. He’d sooner attempt to hurdle the Grand Canyon than to take the leap to realize that leaving his shit strewn all over the floor is a Scooby Snack in the making.

As annoyed as I got at Sonya this morning, I did recognize the fact that she has been a good little nursemaid/companion. Yea, she doesn’t bring me big steamy bowls of chicken soup and she smells like a stale corn chip that was left out in the rain, but she doesn’t flinch in disgust every time I sneeze or cough, which is more than I can say for my family. Believe me; I don’t blame them a bit. No one wants what I have to offer right now.

The silver lining of the hauking and sneezing and coughing is that I have managed to get through the week without “feeding” my cold. I hear people all the time talk about huge amounts of weight they lose when they are sick. That is generally not me. I usually spend my time grazing the cupboards convinced that the next thing I shove in my mouth will bring about a complete and speedy cure. I’ve stayed out of the kitchen this week and spent most of the time curled up on the couch with the dog and a bottomless cup of warm tea.


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  1. Hope you are feeling much improved:)

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