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Don’t Step in That

I think it’s hysterical how Lyle talks to the dog at the same time claiming to hate her. Whenever you ask him to do something for Sonya, he immediately and emphatically says, “She’s not my dog,” but in the morning he talks to her in a high squeaky voice that is usually reserved only for babies with rosy red cheeks.

He prepares his lunch for the day tossing her tasty morsels from the crinkly lunchmeat sacks lining the counter and she wags her tail in anticipation as she catches tidbits mid air bonding over this mundane chore. Lyle, by the way, is the worst when it comes to feeding her table scraps. Sonya rivals any panhandler on the street as she begs for anything we are willing to dole out.

This morning he admitted that he just hates what comes out of her butt and hates the way she smells. Well, duh. Oh no, I’m delighted with the dog shit, so happy in fact, that I want to move to Paris so I can dodge big piles of it on the sidewalks every day. Hell, I rejoiced just yesterday when I almost stepped in a big pile on a downtown Columbus sidewalk on my way to grab some coffee at my favorite place, Café Brioso.

It made me think, what else do I tolerate because I enjoy the end results, in this case love and affection? Could I relate diet and exercise to dog poo?

Do I love eating healthy everyday – OK, most days? I prefer filling my pie hole full of things like sugar-coated cereal, candy bars, chips and fast food, but all that stuff makes me feel like shit. I try to sidestep that as much as possible because I like the end result of feeling good.

Sometimes I let the immediate satisfaction (and distraction) of the way that crap makes me feel override the true results, but I wonder if I literally stepped in a gooey heap every time I over indulged if it would change my behavior faster than what I sometimes do now?

What is it that you need to sidestep on the way to a healthier lifestyle?


3 Responses

  1. Haven’t heard from you in awhile. Everything o.k.

  2. Hi Maryanne- thanks for asking. I’ve had a horrible cold. I’m just trying to get through that. Keep checking back though. I’ll probably get something on there today.

    How are you doing?

  3. Just watching the grandkids and looking forward to the w.w. new program! Get well soon.

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