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No Arm Chewing Tonight

I was really hungry, arm chewing hungry, when I walked in the door this evening. Yesterday, I put the crock pot to good use and cooked a lean roast and made a beef stock at the same time. After I shredded the meat, I popped it all in the fridge so any remaining fat would rise to the surface. I skimmed it off as soon as I walked in the door tonight and threw in some noodles – quick and easy. There’s something that also seems a bit sinful about beef and noodles even if they are made in a healthy way.

I also realized after I came home this evening that I didn’t eat enough protein during the day, but I ate plenty of raw veggies, including enough cauliflower to power a generator to keep the furnace up and running for the next three months. Man, I wish I could figure out a way to harness that gas. Yeah, I know it’s the wrong kind, but think of what I could save in heat bills.

I wanted to eat fairly light this evening because last night we went to a soccer banquet for Russell, and while I practiced controlled restraint, I still ended up eating things like fettuccine and bread and cake. In the plus column, however, I wrote it all down – even the cake. Somehow it all seemed a bit more enjoyable when I acknowledged that I ate it instead of sneaking out to the kitchen in the late hours of the night to grab something when no one else was watching. I still must be careful not to let myself get too hungry, but I’m trying to fill in the gaps with extra fruits and veggies (I’ll hold off though on the raw cauliflower).

I did find a new product that I like – Smart Slims by Schwebels. They’re reminiscent of the Sandwich thins by Arnold that are also good. I had one today with some tuna salad for lunch. Yeah, I know that’s a bit off topic, but I’m obsessing about food right now and I really liked it today.

Have you run into any good products that help you stay on track? Please share your thoughts by posting a comment. I’d really love to get a conversation started here.



2 Responses

  1. Oh, beef and noodles sound so good right now…

    Have you tried blanching your cauliflower? I haven’t, yet, but I often do it to my broccoli and green beans. I don’t like them raw nor mushy. Blanching works well for them, and maybe it would for the cauliflower. (Boil a pot of water, cook florets for 2 minutes and rinse).

    Now I want noodles.

  2. I like frozen berries. They’re healthy, quick, force me to eat a little slower, and always guaranteed of lacking bruises or other imperfections caused by fresh, ripe fruit and not eating such fresh fruit quickly enough.

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