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Forget the Future – What About Now?

It’s been a positive weekend so far. I continued a good stretch with controlled, mindful eating yesterday – even on a Saturday, which is a major accomplishment for me as of late. When I had my mini ah-ha moment earlier in the week, I realized that far too many “I’ll worry about that tomorrow” days had entered my vocabulary and my mouth.

The best part of my day yesterday was that deprivation didn’t play a role, AND I felt in control AND satisfied. I managed to incorporate lunch out with friends, some dark chocolate and an ice cream bar. String several of these in a row and I will have my head and my butt in a place that they need to be in no time.

I spent some time yesterday talking with friends about realistic goals for the coming two months. There are just nine weeks until the New Year begins. Crap where did the time go? In the past few months I’ve relied heavily on holidays and celebrations to throw obstacles in my way and provide lengthy excuses as to why I couldn’t possibly meet goals in a timely manner. Instead of contemplating New Years’ resolutions, how about considering the time that I have before the New Year even arrives?

Excuses weren’t part of my repertoire 100 pounds ago so who in the hell let them sneak in through the back door? Damn, another one of those questions that I already know the answer.

Certainly there are many detours I can opt to take from now until the end of the year; however I distinctly remember when I was losing weight, I viewed holidays as just that – a few days, not months. I didn’t celebrate one holiday stretching from Halloween to New Years, and I don’t want that this year either.

Yes, the past few months provided ample transition within our family as we all adjusted to me working full time, but I have to say none of it was made any easier by consuming too much food. I can’t go back, nor do I want to torture myself with anymore “I should have…” I have today, tomorrow and hopefully a few days after that.

My goal is to end the year strong and build a solid base for the coming year. I can do that and here are some of the things that will help me get there: planning, food journaling, exercise and putting good food into my body. Care to add to the list? What is your goal to get you to the New Year?


2 Responses

  1. 9 weeks! I have spent way too much time in the past months screwing off with this healthy living thing. Sigh.

  2. Karen, does that mean that you are in the same boat as me or you are giving up healthy living ways? lol.

    I know when I looked at the calendar yesterday I was pretty surprised. Time for me to get crackin’

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