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Boo Who?

I’m sitting in my dark living room boycotting Trick-or-Treat night. The only light comes from the glow of my laptop screen that I suppose could be eerie if only seen from the road.

It wasn’t really an intentional decision. I saw the notice on our neighborhood welcome sign letting everyone know that the 28th was THE day. My plan was to avoid the need to make a second run to the grocery for more candy so I wanted to delay getting it until right before I needed it. Then I lost track of time.

It wasn’t until I saw a guy in goofy dog outfit with a long wagging tail walk into a car dealership as I was picking up my car that I remembered what I forgot. I momentarily thought about calling Lyle and telling him to pick up a couple bags of candy, but I thought better of that too. Best case scenario, I didn’t want to deal with a 12-pound bag of Smarties – his idea of good candy. What is wrong with the guy, anyway? Or, I could be faced with five bags of Milky Ways, and even the fun size was likely to cause me more frivolity than my jeans should muster.

So, here I am, in the dark wishing I had the eyes of a 20-year-old girl so I didn’t have to strain so much to see the words I type.

I’ve ignored the holiday before, but when I chose that option, I generally stayed away from my house until after the little munchkins returned to their caverns to trade all the stupid Laffie Taffie and Juju Fruit to their unsuspecting younger siblings for full-size Snickers bars. Tonight I feel a little like a prisoner sitting here in my quiet house, although the dog is about to go haywire because she can hear other dogs in the neighborhood go wild as kids walk up to more welcoming homes.

How did you manage to get through the festival of candy?


One Response

  1. We are so much alike. I also sat in the dark. Hmm I just didn’t want to feel guilty if the door bell rang. It didn’t. At work I figured out the points for a whole bag of mini almond joys. 40 points. Are you kidding me. I could have ate the whole bag if I would have had one bag left over. I feel proud that I delt with it

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