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Snack Shopping

Do carrots suit your taste?

I ate well yesterday and today for that matter. I put good things down my pie hole early on, which helped me build good decisions throughout the day. It made me realize that much of my incessant snacking of late was really more about entertainment or stress or merely the childish belief that I deserved a brownie (or whatever else that might be in the house). Last night as I looked through my cabinets as if I was window shopping along Chicago’s Magnificent Mile, I also realized that I’ve spent far too much time eating things with little concern to how I would pay for them later.

I got the charge card bill as I stood in the dressing room of a Coldwater Creek store yesterday. I’d been holding onto a gift certificate for months telling myself that I just hadn’t found quite the right outfit on several prior sporadic trips. Yesterday, I planned an outing with a friend and thought I would pick up a few things to take me into the fall with a fresh look. Maybe I would even get a pair of slacks or two. I wouldn’t admit, openly anyway, that I was glad that the gift certificate was from this store and their generous sizing policies, almost as bad as the one, two, three of Chico’s.

I’ve shared recently that I’ve been wearing a lot of skirts lately because I already knew that my pants stretched across my ass way too tight to leave me feeling comfortable wearing them out in public. I knew, even if I didn’t voice it, that it was time to get to business – tight sweats was enough to realize that. Did my dryer need repaired? It was clearly too hot and shrinking everything I tossed its way. Funny how no one else in the house was complaining.

I’d also been thinking a lot about what was different in my behavior the last few months than when I first lost weight. I didn’t feel like my eating was all that dissimilar; however, as I perused my kitchen last night and settled on some green beans and celery sticks with a tablespoon of peanut butter (yes, I measured it), I realized that while I eat a lot of vegetables, none had passed my lips past 7 p.m. in far too many months. Hmmm, about the same time that I noticed my seams pull.

Now, I’m not advocating evening snacks of celery and carrot sticks; however, for me I know that much of my desire to munch my way through the evening has little to do with hunger.

Early on, I recognized these mindless munching opportunities during morning hours and developed a strategy to combat the situation. It now involves one healthy snack to alleviate hunger and then I devour a big bowl of raw veggies – usually as I plow through e-mail. The veggies act like a pacifier for a fussy baby. Perhaps a little bit of the daytime strategy needs to extend into my evening hours.

What kinds of strategies to you enlist during the evening to help keep you on track?


One Response

  1. I struggle with eating in the evenings. Nope, don’t reach for the veggies then. It helps if I get on the computer; I don’t snack here:)

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