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For Sale – OBO

Monday and rain is not really a good combination, especially when your soon to be 16-year-old son climbs into the car after losing a $150 calculator that he needs for a test the next day. Is that enough to mix a recipe for disaster?

He was silent the entire ride home, which was a good thing considering I was on the phone with the insurance company about my car for almost the entire ride. Thankfully, Lyle was driving so we didn’t add any more complicated ingredients to our already volatile concoction.

I even managed to stay calm as the boy ripped through the house in a near rage trying to find his calculator. I grabbed a little silver nugget along the way – at least he was no longer trying to blame me for the calculator disappearance. But eventually, I let his tirade get the best of me and I stirred the pot just a bit. It’s quiet now, but I wonder why it is challenging for me to keep my mouth shut as I sit and write and wish I had an IV in my arm filled with valium and liquid antacids. This too shall pass, right?

Thank God for PAUSE. It worked. I gave the boy space. He cooled off and even apologized. I think it all worked out pretty well, crisis averted. He even has a plan now to try to track down his calculator tomorrow. It feels good to know that a little patience and keeping my pie hole shut helped move us in a positive direction, which makes me wonder… How might this strategy work if I use it toward my eating habits?

It doesn’t have to be all or nothing, it can just be, some good, some crappy as hell, the rest somewhere in between. Learning from the process along the way is reassuring to me that things do work out in the end if I just stay focused on the end goal.

In this case, I decided to keep my boy around one more day. Besides, it’s not like I have anyone beating down my door offering a big price to take him off my hands. Hell, I don’t think anyone in her right mind would voluntarily welcome an extra hormonal teen into her home. I guess we’re stuck with each other. I’m sure it will be perfect in another six or seven years.


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