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Ollie, Ollie, Oxen Free

I’m enjoying a pretty good weekend in spite of how it looked to begin with the car wreck on Friday.

Yesterday, I received a call from my acupuncturist asking if I wanted a treatment as a little prevention to the inevitable stiffness that I would soon carry around on my back, neck and shoulders. Wow, what a blessing she bestowed. Thanks, MaryAnne. I’m telling you, if you have never tried acupuncture and live in the Columbus area, check out Linder Acupuncture. For those further away, look for another practitioner – it’s a good thing.

I’ve been a little antsy around traffic and other cars, but I suppose that’s to be expected. The more I think about the wreck, the luckier I feel. I just keep imagining what things would be like today had the two five-gallon gas tanks in the back seat of the goober’s car ignited on impact. It’s a moot point I suppose; perhaps someone else would be describing an entirely different scene today.

This morning I woke up naturally and came to my regular spot in the living room to drink some coffee and write a little before everyone else woke. As I walked over to the sliding glass door to let the dog in, I peered outdoors to see five swans gliding atop the water like a summer breeze moving across the surface of a golden wheat field on its way to someplace much more exotic than central Ohio. The scene didn’t fit these elegant creatures, but I appreciated it nonetheless.

What a treat for the eyes. Why they sailed by on that particular moment is a mystery, but I will take it all the same and enjoy it for what it brought to my day.

Morning progressed not quite as peacefully after the men were awake. I don’t care what football team is playing at 3:15 or at 4:45 or even 5 p.m. this afternoon; why does Lyle need to share the info when he can see I’m occupied. I guess I’m just bitchy, but I could submerge myself in those quiet hours before others emerge from their cocoons with sleepy eyes and stretching arms. How can I be an extrovert when I reel with sharp remarks of indignation simply because my quiet is no more?

I need to get past it. I managed to calm myself, but is that because it is now quiet again? I think I need to set up some new digs in my house that offer extended quiet time for those moments when I’m not quite ready to share my space. I don’t REACT well at home, and I certainly maintain the ability to escalate a situation teetering toward the negative, which confounds me given my abilities in other environments to unify people with differing agendas.

I want to focus on my thoughts right now. It doesn’t need to trump other’s desires, but I feel like I need to hide in my own solitary space. Where do you go when you need to move inward?


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