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Happy Friday

Wanna take a guess at what’s in the picture today? I’ll spare you the guessing game since no prizes are involved – it’s a piece of my car.
I began the day getting T-Boned – a great new term I learned after a guy nailed my little Saturn with his red Chrysler that looked like it had seen better days somewhere in the late 80s. The good news is that no blood entered the equation. The bad news is I feel pretty jacked up, but I’m pretty lucky.

I was waiting at a light ready to merge onto the highway when I saw this guy in my periphery heading straight for me. I tried to gun my engine to get out of the way, but there just wasn’t enough time when I felt the jolt. It’s amazing how fast things like that happen and how our bodies react.

I got out of my car, shaking like someone stuck out in a blizzard for a whopping 12 minutes. The only thing missing was the purple fingertips. I checked the rear end of my car and saw no damage. I momentarily paused thinking maybe I had dreamed the whole thing. Then I shut my driver’s side door and saw the evidence. He mashed, or more accurately, broke my door and the rear passenger door, which won’t open now.

I was really lucky that he wasn’t going any faster. I had no idea that he hit me square in my driver’s door. There was also another car involved that the guy clipped before he went to lunch on me. Again, no blood so that is something in which to be thankful.

Things like this really mess up your mojo. I was able to drive to my office and even managed to get through the day and checked off a few things on the to do list in between calls to the insurance company.

Here’s to a less eventful weekend…


3 Responses

  1. Yikes! I hope you are okay.

  2. Oh my! I hope you’re still feeling ok in the morning. I’ll bet you are thanking your lucky stars tonight!

  3. Take it easy today. Thinking of you.

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