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Is It Thursday or Friday?

I have a hard time on Wednesdays and Thursdays. I don’t know if it is because I’ve practiced so much restraint during the beginning of the week or if the stress of life finally boils over, but often I find myself drawn toward really unhealthy food choices. I managed through yesterday keeping food choices in line – now I just need to get through today, but it should be good because today is actually my Friday.

I’m taking tomorrow off and Monday for that matter. We have a floating holiday at work that needs to be used during a holiday that we don’t officially recognize. Since I began this job well in the March, it left me with fewer choices. It seemed sacrilegious to take off one of the fall Jewish holidays since I know very little of the faith, now Columbus Day or Veteran’s Day remains, and I’m not a veteran. Old Columbus gave me a three-day weekend so the decision was made.

I have quite a bit of time that I need to take before the end of the year. I’ve been hording it for the proverbial rainy day since I had so little in comparison to what I once had working at a school. Interestingly enough, I didn’t technically have vacation time then; I followed the school calendar, which included almost a week at Thanksgiving, two weeks for winter break, two weeks in the spring, all the other American secular holidays and then let us not forget two months in the summer. Who needs vacation? Going from that to three weeks seemed a bit scary, but on the plus side I didn’t have to wait to take it. It was mine from day one, just prorated.

I heard the weather was supposed to be nice this weekend so I decided to take an extra day with my floating holiday. It also helped to know that the cleaning lady is coming today so I will get to spend my Friday in a clean house (cue the music). I cannot wait! This is the first time off since I started working that didn’t involve family illness or stiff necks or school crap.

I was tempted not to even say anything to my family about it. I don’t want them to try to fill my day with their agenda. I know that’s evil, but I really just need to recharge. I waffle in lying around reading, making jewelry or heading to Yellow Springs, which is my favorite little place in the world, well at least within a 30-minute commute. I love that little hippy town where my creative juices bubble up and overflow. I can accomplish at least two of the three if I take a book with me. Hell, I can take a few beads, wire and tools and have a party all by myself.

Any suggestions?


One Response

  1. Take the book with you and go for the gusto!

    Do you sell any of the jewelry you make? If so, post pictures or provide a link!

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