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Rough Water Doesn’t Require Drowning

I know Subway isn’t great food, but it can be a lifesaver at times or at least a good option for fast food. Too bad I didn’t choose it last night.

Yesterday Russell had a soccer game on a side of town that is crazy-ass congested. I allowed what I thought would be plenty of time to get through traffic, even left early enough to beat the rush hour mess. Little did I know there would be a detour right at the road where I needed to turn to go to the hosting school, really? Don’t ya think they could have given parents a heads up on that? Whatever.

I stopped at a UDF to ask for directions and this moronic women crinkled up her face and said that she didn’t know where the school was, yet told me it was somewhere on this road and then proceeded to try to muddle through directions. I turned with her in midsentence and asked a customer coming in. He pointed me in the general direction at least.

I saw the Subway in a strip mall once I got back on the street. I almost zipped in, but saw that I was already an hour and a half late for the game in which Russell was supposed to start, ugh. I ended up pulling in just as halftime began.

It pissed me off that I was late. When I saw the concession stand, I told myself that I was only getting the peanut M & M’s to tide me over – peanuts have protein, right? In my defense, I did eat an apple before that, but it just wasn’t enough so my brain was already going hazy on me.

I avoided the crap the rest of the game, but then we needed to get something for dinner. Again, good judgment seemed to elude me.

The only positive thing I can say about dinner was that I only ate half of it – chicken parmesan. What the hell? I NEVER order that – not even when I do want to be evil. I chose to focus on the plus side – it was only one meal, which I eked out a tiny bit of self control by not drowning in the marinara in route to the crunchy fried chicken breast. I packed the rest up, brought it home to Lyle and managed to stay out of the kitchen the rest of the night.

As I regroup this morning to make sure that I’m back on track, I decided that Subway may have helped distract me from the mini explosion. What tools do you use to navigate unplanned circumstances?


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