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Imperfectly Perfect

Since I realized a few days ago that I was looking at this whole gig through scratched up grimy lenses, I’ve tried to pull out a cloth to spiff things up, which improved my perspective.

I swear exercise is also a piece of that process. While I’m not quite putting in the same time on the bike or weights that I was six months ago, there is definite improvement and I feel the sluggish haze lifting.

I worried a little bit this week about eating options because I knew I would find myself in less than safe food environments surrounded with bountiful adult spirits. However, neither of the potentially big obstacles threw me off course. Sure, I ate differently than what I would at a regular meal at home, but I also made necessary adjustments.

One strategy that came in pretty useful was changing my schedule. Yesterday, I drank a smoothie before leaving the house in the morning, and then I took some steel cut oats with me to works. I munched those around 9 a.m. and then around 11 a.m. ate a Kashi protein bar and some cherry tomatoes.

I took a walk around noon, drank a cup of coffee, ate an apple and then chomped on lunch around 2 p.m. I met a friend for drinks and what I thought would be dinner, but what turned into cheese, sausage and bread. When I saw the menu I immediately went a little coo-coo for cocoa puffs, but it worked out. The one great thing about over-priced frou-frou joints is that you are never going to gorge yourself unless of course you are willing to place a second mortgage on your home. It also helped that aged cheese, while tasty, almost always gives me a little allergic reaction. Considering I didn’t’ have a Benadryl in my bag, I decided easy going was my best plan of attack. I got home and Lyle was making a caprese salad to share so all was good with the world.

It was a great day with lots of imperfections and success…love it! The best part is that I enjoyed my day, felt no deprivation and still put good food in my body. How do you measure success?


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