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Where’s the Joy in White Knuckles?

I’ve been moving along in non-food related areas of my life with quite a bit of gusto. However, the number on the scale was creeping the wrong direction, which didn’t make me happy, and I couldn’t quite figure out what wasn’t clicking. I knew all about the science of in versus out , but what the hell was going on? I seemed to just barely hang on, and definitely not experiencing the results I had been accustomed to when I was in the zone not all that long ago.

Last night was a night to get things in order after being away for a few days, but surprisingly I had a little extra time so I plinked around other’s blogs and hit Lynn’s and it spoke to me as she talked about the joy of this journey. That’s it! Sure, I may have a tasty treat now and again, but mostly I’ve been white knuckling through the deprivation, which leads me to the (fill in the blank) at the first given opportunity.

It’s a squirmy place to find myself, and not squirmy like I’m learning so much here I can hardly wait to continue….more like, oh man, I totally got lost now I gotta find my way back to the path before a bear comes along and gobbles me whole. Could I be missing the joy of all of this?

Then I clicked on Karen’s blog and read a little about the guilt she felt when she returned from a little exercise hiatus. Are these two women residing in my head? It was good to feel in tune with a couple kindred spirits.

This is not an isolated journey, and I can certainly try to muddle through kicking and screaming, but I remember having much more success when I embraced the fact that I am lucky enough to choose a different way – a way that leaves me feeling rejuvenated, full of life and joyful.

Today my goal is to be cognizant of the fact that I have the tools of success at my fingertips – no fanatical grasping necessary. When I choose to take care of myself, it feels good and lasts a whole lot longer than a corndog and fries.

Do you maintain joy? How do you stay motivated?


2 Responses

  1. How pathetic to say that I don’t think about Joy. Hmmm. As for staying motivated, little idea about that either. But right now, the blog world is a huge help.

  2. Hang in there girlie-think about it in little ways perhaps?

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