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Top Ten Lessons – Losing 100-Pounds

I’m a little off kilter. I had a great week early on, but as a big work deadline approached, my head became very disjointed. I’ve been trying to reconstruct the situation to see where I went awry. It all came down to poor planning or impulse control or lack thereof.

The good thing about the last eight years of losing and maintaining a 100-pound weight loss is that much of what I do comes as second nature. However, when my new job presented transitions a few months ago, I found the scale nosing up as I began to slip into some old habits. I wondered if it would be beneficial to look back as I attempted to move forward.

So, here are the top ten things I learned when I peeled a seventh grader from by back.

10. A Peanut Buster Parfait from DQ (or any other ice cream treat oozing with hot fudge) only seems like a good idea and it will not remove anger or disappointment or feelings of inadequacy, nor will it make me happy beyond the 10 minutes it takes to snarf it down.

9. There is scientific fact behind the old Lay’s advertising slogan, “You Can’t Eat Just One.” Step away from the potato chips. They’re in cahoots with DQ.

8. More than one spirited beverage brings the illusion I’ve been wandering around the deserts of the Middle East or Africa and that I’m emaciated from years of starvation. I can clear out an entire buffet table with two drinks and chair legs aren’t safe after three.

7. Duct tape is a better option for keeping my mouth shut than cramming it full of chocolate chip cookies.

6. Weight loss has less to do with food and more to do with emotional stability than I ever realized. When I manage my thoughts and take care of my true needs, everything else falls into line.

5. Exercise provides a lot of wiggle room and likely keeps me out of prison. I used to eat when people pissed me off (and a lot of people irritate the hell out of me on a regular basis), but a little exercise goes a long way to keep me grounded emotionally and physically.

4. Hiding behind an invisibility cloak comprised of 100 extra pounds only seemed like a good idea. But when the cloak disappeared, I had to get down to some serious emotional work so I could become comfortable with me and my skin.

3. Speaking of skin… In case you’re wondering, loose skin is waaaayyyy better than lugging around 100 extra pounds. Control top pantyhose are the secret weapon to take care of collateral fallout. Click here to read my strategy.

2. It takes constant vigilance and sometimes I want to give up. On those days, I remind myself that it’s not about perfection and I move forward the best I can. I pull on my big girl panties and grab my sneakers and head out the door to clear my head with a walk.

And the number one thing I learned when I lost weight… Elastic-waist-stretchy pants/skirts are not my friend. They can stretch the truth beyond socially acceptable limits and create a place for me to roll around in denial.


4 Responses

  1. Thank you for the great tips and you are so inspiring:)

  2. I’d agree with the elastic pants thing. Before I started losing weight it was all that I *would* wear because they were so accomodating and comfy. I never wanted to wear jeans because they weren’t forgiving and pinched my fat this way and that.

    Now that I’ve lost nearly 100 pounds myself, I like wearing jeans (or other pants with zippers), not only because they fit a little better but because they are a good indicator and reminder of when I have had enough to eat. Trouble is — I have had to change my wardrobe more frequently, which gets kind of expensive. But, I’m not complaining. Once I reach my goal weight, I will just work on maintenance and shouldn’t have to be buying new clothes every few months.

    I’m curious, with some of your recent posts, I’m guessing that some of the weight you have previously lost is now back on. How much, if you don’t mind me asking… and, are you currently in weight loss mode or maintenance mode. Are you happy with the weight at which you are currently?

  3. Hey Jennifer,
    I am struggling right now. I have been yo-yo-ing since I started working full time, and I’ve put on about 15 pounds. NO, I’m absolutely not happy with it. When I first got the weight off, I had a hard time stopping….5 more pounds, 3 more pounds, maybe 5 more…. It was a tough balance. I ended up settling in at a weight that was manageable for a long time, even if it was a little higher than my absolute lowest weight. It was something that I could live with and still have an occasional beer with a slice of pizza.

    Where I am not is not that place – I try not to focus on a number and hone in on a place where I feel good in my clothes, but that is not here.

    I’ve been farting around and I’m frustrated. I lose 5 lbs and gain it back. I know what I NEED to do, but I’m not following through on a regular basis. I let sugar sneak back in and that also is wreaking havoc…UGH!

    But even having said that, it is not about all or nothing. I used to think when there was a fluctuation….well, here it comes again…not now. That is also where properly fitting clothes come into play. If I where clothes that truly fit, I keep those fluctuations to a minimum. Somehow I got into the habit of wearing skirts, which are pretty flattering for me, but they hide way too much.

    Maintenance is hard, but it is worth it…I need to actually kick myself in the ass because I need not be in maintenance right now.

    Thanks for asking….I really need the support right now.

  4. This was so helpful…I have 100 pounds to lose, and I’ve lost 5…and hearing these tips from someone who did it is really really encouraging. Thanks for sharing.

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