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Is “If” Really a Gamble?

Most mornings I spend some time trying to check into me. I’ve really struggled with my weight over the last six months. I’ve gained weight, and I know as much as I would like to blame it on food, it has more to do with the fact that I’m not taking care of myself in a way that I should. I don’t mean that in an extreme way, like I’m sneaking around in my car traveling from one drive-thru to the next cramming down super-sized meals in between stop lights. However, I’m not carving out enough me time, and evidently I’m a pretty needy person.

Before the coffee kicked in this morning, I caught myself writing in my journal, “If I get my shit together…”

Whoa, stop the bus. My full skirt hiding all the growing bulges just got caught in the folding doors and I’m dangerously close to being sucked under the wheels. I can almost feel the road rash forming. I need to switch bus lines because this one is headed to a casino I don’t need to visit.

That mere thought really scared the bejeebers out of me. Have I tried to keep a poker face so long that I failed to notice my cards suck? A person can only push her luck so many times before going over that magic number. Did I think I was immune from weight gain?

I know better. The seats of all my pants remind me that I’m no different than anyone else who struggles to keep weight off. I’ve been playing a dangerous game with food for the last few months, and it will win IF I continue at this pace.

Now, I will not panic or fold, but I will no longer try to bluff my way through a bad hand. What IF I look at the cards in my hand as tools that I use every day to help me achieve my weight goals? Could there be an ace in the hole here:

Tune into my needs and challenges and strengths.

Participate in some sort of exercise –every day even if it’s a walk around the block to simply clear my head.

Develop AND execute a well-thought-out plan. Nutritious and satisfying food does not magically appear on the table.

Eat only when hungry. Something to ponder – Am I hungry enough to eat an orange? If the answer is, “not so much,” I have no business opening my mouth.

Hark, donuts, cookies and potato chips only add to stress.

What hand do you want to see turn up?


2 Responses

  1. I also struggled a lot the past months. I am in a bit of disbelief over it, truth be told. Looks like you have some good goals going forward. We CAN do this!

  2. It’s hard. I feel like I have a couple good days washed out with a couple bad…Thanks for the vote of confidence and YES WE CAN!

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