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Is It Possible?

Yesterday kinda fell apart food wise…odd meal times, busy schedules. Since we were out and about, I decided to run all my errands so I could enjoy the day today. Sounded like a good plan – until I got tired and hit the roadside ice cream stand.

When I arrived home I didn’t want to put away the groceries. I popped all the perishables in the freezer or fridge and then told myself I would put everything else away this morning at the same time I planned to talk to my mom…it would give me something to do while we chatted. It seemed like a good idea at last night, not so much 12 hours later.

Now I sit looking at the anarchy that grew like mold over the surface of a plate of leftovers forgotten in the back of the refrigerator for three weeks. Should I just toss out the whole mess? I don’t want to touch the shit, and I just want it to be gone. My family accuses me (rightfully so) of throwing away their stuff. It just builds up and I can’t stand it and out it goes.

The disorder on the counters resembles the clutter in my head so I’m going to take a little time to tidy up both before I head to the relaxation portion of the program. A couple people are heading out this afternoon to enjoy one of the last remaining summer days on the lake. These days are fleeting so I want to embrace every single second.

My focus today will be calm energy without trashing anyone’s belongings in the process. I don’t need to experience a complete cleanse to move me in a positive direction. Yesterday was a fabulous day with Russell, and I want to keep that momentum going, minus the ice cream float.


2 Responses

  1. I hate all clutter. Someday I will write a post about it. It had been percolating in my mind but is very off topic for me. I am the only one who tosses old stuff from the fridge. Sigh.

  2. I’m trying not to let it drive me over the edge, but there are days that I’d gladly live in a cave by myself if it meant it would look the same way each time I returned as when I left it.

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