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Diggin’ Out

I’m a little less evil today and Lyle is on the mend. It appears that he has some kind of wicked virus. Well, that’s the best I could determine from his interpretation of the doctor’s visit on Monday.

They drew some blood to see about his white count, in which Lyle says would definitively rule out appendicitis. The test should be back in another day or so. What? I thought if your appendix ruptured, you had very little time before you croaked. Didn’t people die from shit like this back in the 1800s? I think Lyle was either too out of it or too eager to get the prescription to the pharmacy to actually follow up with another question. He’s not dead, so I suppose it’s a virus.

I’ve been running around trying to get Russell and Taka, our Japanese exchange student, to and from school, in between chiropractic visits, oh, and work.

I did manage to sleep last night, which was the first fairly good night of sleep that I’ve had since I pinched the nerve in my neck more than a month ago, and I’m quite pleased to announce that I’m nearly weaned from the pain meds. I haven’t taken anything today, but I will say that as I’ve been digging out at home and work, I’ve found some interesting tidbits left over from the early days of the muscle relaxer – yikes.

I still feel like I’m playing catch up, and I’ve totally slacked in the friendship department. I’ve got to get on the phone tonight to catch up a little bit with a few people. I think my silence is being misconstrued – God knows, people don’t expect me to be silent. Little did they know I’ve been in a drugged stupor for most of the last month. So, that’s all for me tonight. Have a good evening.


2 Responses

  1. An exchange student?! How cool is that:) Glad to hear that you are doing better.

  2. Yea, we’ve hosted exchange students for many years. This particular program is really nice. It’s a short stay so there is not a huge committment. It’s a lot of fun and everyone learns a lot

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