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Tied in Knots

I’m ready for a little calm and smooth, but I have a feeling it will elude me again today.

Yesterday was hectic heading back in the office after being gone for a week, but I cleared away stacks of neglected paperwork that screamed at me so I felt like I met my objective. I even made time for a chiropractor appointment, and I’m happy to report that there is progress on that front as well. This old horse may stick around the stable for just a little while longer. I still have some numbness and weakness in my left arm and hand, but it’s improving. Pain significantly decreased so I reduced the meds to Aleve and one dose of Tramadol, which means I can put away my drool bib.

Last night I came home to find Lyle writhing around in bed clutching his stomach. He was running a low fever and spent most of the evening in the bathroom with diarrhea. He might have also puked, but I’m not sure if I dreamed that part or not. Tells you what kind of nursemaid I am. If I were a betting woman, I would lay my money on appendicitis, but he refused to go to the ER last night.

I don’t think he slept the entire night, which he shared with me. Man, I’m evil. Actually, I spent most of the night listening to make sure he was still breathing so I should get a few points for that if my actions head south. Maybe it’s good to know that my impatience extends to others besides just me.

His whole argument last night for delaying the ER was that he didn’t want anyone operating on him needlessly. I think insurance companies took care of trigger-happy scalpels long ago, but I didn’t push it. I had decided to give him the evening since there was a chance they might send him home last night with a gastritis diagnosis.

I’m pretty sure something is wrong though, and I’m not sure why he is so adverse to doctors. I told him this morning I’m marching his happy ass to the doctor or an ER of his choosing, but he’s going even if I have to jam my remaining muscle relaxers that I held onto down his throat in order to drag him out. Who knew that prescription might have such a sinister end?

One more thing before I go play loving, adoring wife, well loving. I’m pretty sure that adoring is not a modifier anyone would choose to describe me regarding anything. Last night when I went to bed, Lyle stopped moaning long enough to bitch at me for wearing my latest new tie-die shirt to bed, “You’re going to wear it out.”

Isn’t’ that the point? But it’s more than that. He’s convinced that wearing shirts to bed is harder on them than wearing them during the day. Huh? Does anyone else think this is weird, set aside the fact that it is after all a T-shirt?

Have a good one and wish me luck.


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  1. I hope it is nothing serious!

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