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I’m Grateful For…

I woke this morning fairly discouraged because pain kept me up last night. How do people live in a chronic state like this – or worse?

Determined not to let it bring me down I turned to my journal –I spewed some venom on the page hoping it wouldn’t find its way back in my head. My writing suffers right now, between the drugs and the discomfort, the creativity is not what it should be. But venting is another story.

I managed my poor-me party so it wouldn’t get out of control and I quickly turned to prayer and gratitude. I know it may sound like hooey, but hell, I thought I could give it a shot.

What I like about listing appreciations is that if I stick with it, good ones generally surface. I don’t “make” myself list things that I “should” be grateful for – only things I truly feel.

This morning was a stretch. My list started with poop. Yep, poo topped my list.

As I sat racking my brain for something to be grateful for, I realized that my bowels were resuming their normal morning rumbling – wooo hooo! I always feel better with a healthy Dr. Oz –would-be-proud-spiral poop, which has been difficult to come by thanks to the drugs.

Things are lookin’ up. I also managed to embrace the fact that my family has been putting up with a lot since I pinched this damn nerve in my neck. They haven’t kicked me to the curb yet, and I’m not sure I would have been as generous had the roles been reversed.

I love my job – that certainly makes my life a lot easier. Like I need the stress of a bad work situation compounding my situation.

We have a dog that puts a smile on my face on a regular basis. Lyle also bitches about her on a regular basis, but she brought a few good things to our family and she reminds me that some of life’s simple things are the most important. I love the way she pulls her ears back when she wants me to pet her.

Bottom line is that I lead a pretty damn good life. Yeah, my neck and arm suck right now, but that will improve. I will do my best to help the situation with positive thoughts.

What keeps you going when things aren’t as bright as you’d like them?


4 Responses

  1. Oh you had me at the poo part because my hubby and I both saw the episode where he showed shapes and rated them and boy did that lead to some interesting discussion in our house!

  2. Glad things are looking up.I am praying for you. Just keep doing what they tell. This to shall pass.

  3. I totally get the poo thing, having just got done taking oxycodone for two weeks. When the plumbing’s working, everything in life feels a little easier to handle 🙂

    Hang in there. I know it’s easy for me to say that, but trust me, these days I know about hanging in there. And you’re doing all the right things.

  4. I’m glad I’m not the only one who judges the day based on my bowel movements….geez.

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