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Small Appreciations

I’m still struggling with the pinched nerve in my neck. I went to a neurologist today. He poked needles all over my arms and neck, connected me to some weird electrical contraption and then sent a charge through the wires to measure the current or something.

As my arm and neck twitched, I asked him if he was enjoying himself.

It just seemed like some kind of torture you might dream up to induce on your kid sister. Well, I admit, it’s something that I might think about had I not been the horrible little sister, but I suppose now that I’ve admitted it, I’ll be getting a whole lot of tentative looks from friends and family. Whatever.

The doctor dude determined I pinched a nerve somewhere between C-5 and C-7. The good news is that I seem to be improving, but he’s a little concerned about the numbness in my arm and hand as well as lack of strength in my muscles that occurred at the onset.

The plan includes conservative chiropractic care for now, which kind of surprised me coming from a doctor. I’d already gone to see a chiropractor and scheduled a series of visits – my first ever. At this point, I’d travel to South American rainforests to let tiny tribal men with bones stuck through their noses dance around and put a hex on me if I thought it would alleviate the pain.

It’s gotta stop. I’m tired of the drugs and I’m tired of feeling like crap. To top it all off, I ended up with swimmer’s ear from submerging myself in a hot soapy tub for nearly every waking moment for the last two weeks. It’s been the only time and place I didn’t feel pain, but that gave me the biggest earache I’ve had in my life – oh, joy. I’m falling apart, and my family is ready to kick me to the curb.

OK, so I started this blog post with a title of Small Appreciations and then I went on to bitch about all my aches and pains…ooops.

I guess what I appreciate the most is that I’m continuing to be mindful of my eating. There have been more times than I care to admit that I contemplated stuffing my pie hole full of….well, pie. Many temptations presented, and I walked right on by.

Tonight I came home, and I was starving because I hadn’t eaten much all day. Nothing was planned for dinner, but I came home, pulled some homemade sauce out of the freezer, sautéed some veggies while pasta cooked and sat down to a feast. I even topped it off with fresh mozzarella and leftover grilled chicken. So, this evening I appreciate that big pot of marina that I made a couple weeks ago and threw in the freezer so I could sit down and enjoy a quick, easy and satisfying meal.


2 Responses

  1. I hope you get some relief soon! Great job on the eating. Love the pie line:)

  2. My mom had this problem last year. It took a while to go away but gradually with lots of rest it went away. Good job on not pigging out in frustration!

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