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What’s Your Best?

10 Things I Gained When I lost 100 Pounds

1. Self-esteem.

2. New hobby. Shopping for clothes – 100 lbs ago the only thing I shopped for were shoes and purses.

3. Control over food choices.

4. Ability to celebrate life, not food.

5. Obliterate need to check my purse for Tums before I leave the house.

6. Grab the first thing in my closet in the morning with no worries of how my butt looks in it.

7. Blood pressure and cholesterol dropped.

8. Increase in energy.

9. Recognize that cake is not the root of all evil, but it also can’t make me happy.

10. Walk into Victoria’s Secret without worrying about being kicked out of the store or how many pieces of tissue paper the clerk needs to wrap around a pair of underwear for me.

What do you see the biggest benefit to be?


7 Responses

  1. I am still knee-deep in the losing process and so I imagine my list will continue to grow but some are:
    1. I can shop in a “regular” women’s store.
    2. Some clarity as to whey I am a mad-hater around food.
    3. I learned I actually like a lot of healthy food (even though I sometimes just want brownies).
    4. I have cheek bones (who knew?)
    5. I learned how to cook and bake

  2. These are all GREAT reasons to lose weight. And I agree about the clothes shopping. When I lost weight I realized it was FUN to shop and I could try on cute clothes without being depressed.

  3. These are so great and you should be so proud of what you accomplished:) I think the biggest benefit for me is that I like myself more when I am eating healthier.

  4. I think it’s especially important to focus on some of those things as I get my head back in the game…

  5. Along with Cheekbones let’s add collar bones.

  6. I would love to run and chase my kids and play sports with them. Going down the slide with them without getting stuck would also be nice.

    Feeling sexy and nourishing intimacy with my husband would be excellent. I know I don’t have to be thinner for that, but taking care of myself would help.

  7. Gina – I remember the first time I went to a water park – it felt good not to be one of the big girls there – maybe not someone that everyone would be oogling, but just not one that everyoneone would be cracking jokes about either.

    taking care of myself and intimacy – I can relate to that too! I think everyone suffers when I forget to take care of me – thanks for the reminder.

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