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Successful Endings Lead To Strong Beginnings

My week ends on Friday and the new one begins on Saturday. I know that may seem simple to people who don’t wrestle with weight issues, but it is important to note that I don’t allow “free days.” That’s kinda how I got myself into this last batch of trouble.

I officially weigh in this morning and the scale appears to be moving in a favorable direction, but more importantly, I stayed in control with my eating this week and I kept satisfied.

For WW out there, I followed the Simply Filling technique. For others who simply watch their weight, I basically ate extremely wholesome foods in their natural state and avoided sugar and alcohol. We’re talkin’ cutting edge brain surgery here folks!

Instead of obsessing about food portions, I let my body gauge what I NEEDED….not to be confused with what I wanted because most days I WANT to swim in vats of ice cream smothered in hot fudge sauce. In addition, I WANT to eat entire platters of food – even the healthy stuff. Focusing on true physical signs of hunger lead to success with this technique. It felt good, but now I need to string a whole bunch of those weeks together, but that feels promising as well.

My new FAVE is PB2. I haven’t found it anywhere local, and I know nothing about it except that it tastes like you just dove into a Peanut Butter heaven….sans the calories. Need I say more? A dear friend ordered a batch and we all pitched in to split the cost and the case. It comes to about $5 a jar, which I thought was a shitload of money for peanut butter until I tasted it. I feel a peanut-infused stir fry coming along if I can keep enough of it around after my new-found peanut butter smoothie addiction. The smoothie by the way is easy sneazy – 2 T of the powdered PB, 1 cup water, 1 WW smoothie mix and a handful of ice thrown into a Magic Bullet. It shoots me to the moon! It’s about 135 calories, low in fat, high in fiber – YUM.

I’m also excited to see Greek yogurt popping up everywhere in the stores. I still prefer the 2 percent fat, but Chobani makes a pretty good plain fat free version and it has a whopping 23 grams of protein per cup. I topped it with a few strawberries from Pearl Market, which was far more satisfying than the pan of brownies would have been. More magic occurs when you drizzle a teaspoon of honey over the top of Greek yogurt so I need to pick some up to store in my cabinet at work.

What’s your current favorite food?


2 Responses

  1. I never heard of the PB stuff but just checked their site. (They are back ordered.) I love, love, love peanut butter. That on an apple is one of my favorites. Also, right now I am really enjoying apricots in season.

  2. I’ve heard this PB isn’t great on a sandwich, but it is absolutely fantastic in smoothies, and mixed in other things. I’ll have to try it on an apple and let you know. I love PB on apples too. Heck, I love PB right off a knife!

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