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Breakfast of Champions

I try to mix up my breakfast options every few days. If I don’t, I seem to get hungry way before lunchtime. I don’t know whether this is merely a psychological response or there is a physical explanation.

I also discovered that eggs don’t fill me up by themselves, which I find befuddling because they are packed with protein. If I eat an egg or even two with whole wheat toast, I swear it has the same effect as Chinese food – hungry within the hour. Adding a slice of Canadian bacon helps tremendously.

Often I eat leftovers for breakfast. They’re quick and require little thought, a good thing at 6 a.m. I usually wake between 5-5:30 a.m., which requires me to think about a substantial morning snack because there is no way a little bowl of cereal is going to last me seven hours. Often I nibble on something small before I leave the house and then eat the rest of my breakfast when I get to work. My goal is to make it to about 10 a.m. before I break for my toddler time with a some cheese or yogurt, fruit and cut-up veggies.

One of my favorite breakfasts is shredded wheat – I like the mini biscuits. Sure, the kind with crunchy frosting is great, but I’m trying to avoid the sugar. Kashi makes lightly sweetened cinnamon mini-shredded wheat that is pretty good, but I can devour an entire box in short order. There are just too many things wrong with the idea of “devour” and “shredded wheat” occupying the same space in a sentence so I just stick with the old fashioned kind.

Sometimes I eat just the cereal, but I really like adding a half-cup of Fiber 1 and banana slices before I pour on the skim milk – yummo! I only eat this breakfast when I’m focusing on truly filling foods because it packs quite a few calories, but chocked full of good things and quite satisfying. It’s about the only way I eat bananas – they’ve never been a fave and they seem like a lot of calories for a stupid piece of fruit – I can eat three cups of strawberries for what a banana will cost me, but this is a treat-like way to eat one.

The big benefit comes in the way of fiber. In one bowl, I can almost knock out daily nutritional guidelines– it packs a whopping 23 grams of fiber. The caveat here is that if you aren’t used to consuming a lot of fiber, go easy. My body is accustomed to it so it doesn’t bother me – or those within a 10-mile radius. Some of my other favorite breakfast options include steel cut oats with apples and cinnamon. (The recipe is listed on the blog.) I also really like to eat veggie burgers in the morning. They are packed with protein. I like Boca Burgers or Morning Star, but I found a delicious local option in Columbus. Luna Burgers can be found on Fridays at Pearl Market and in Whole Foods. She also makes a delicious breakfast patty.

What makes you feel like a champion at the breakfast table?


2 Responses

  1. I almost always eat the same breakfast every single day. For years, it was cereal. Usually healthy. Last year it was steel cut oats. But since restarting my latest diet almost 5 months ago, I have been avoiding grains in the morning. So now I eat beans for breakfast:) Fiber, carbs and protein! Eggs don’t do it for me either.

  2. I’m glad to hear that eggs don’t do it for you either – I thought I was the only one. I do like beans at any time of the day and you can’t beat the fiber.

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