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It Takes Work

Yesterday was another good day…. Again focused on simply nutritious food and kept the crap out of my mouth.

I met a friend for lunch and opted for a healthy choice of a grilled steak salad with avocados, tomatoes and lots of lettuce even though I really wanted a big plate of fried plantains. It was good and satisfying. I got a little worried because I had planned the destination, but then for a brief moment we considered something else – totally my doing. I felt my hunger pangs push against my resolve.

I felt good about my choices and then we returned to the office just in time to see a colleague cutting up a HUGE platter of brownies. Breathe Melissa. It didn’t take long to start the justifications. I delayed and then delayed again and told myself I would grab one after my meeting. I was disappointed and relieved that only crumbs remained when I was ready to dive in an hour later.

Today will also be another day filled with a potential food extravaganza – mostly “tasting opportunities.” I will head to Pearl Market first thing to help set up and then will be there the rest of the day making sure vendors and customers have what they need. I NEED strength since the first temptation will be the kettle corn. A plethora of items remain that bubble with potential to throw me overboard – all tasty, but not in line with my goals right now if I want to reduce the junk in the trunk.

The good news is that there are also tons of healthy choices. I was amazed by the produce when the Market opened earlier this week. I will focus energy there. Farmers utilizing raised beds already have tons of ripe strawberries, which is a much cheaper treat calorie-wise than cupcakes or Amish-baked yummies. Not that I plan to do this, but I could probably eat an entire flat of strawberries for the “price” of a pie.

My plan includes a packed lunch that I will sneak off to eat before I get too hungry to resist other temptations. I’m packing a leftover chicken pasta toss. I will also take some fruit and cut-up veggies and then I’ll wrap up with berries in the Market. I’m also planning to cram a pack of gum in my back pocket to keep on hand in case the urge strikes… not quite sure why being good feels so challenging.

Mantra today: Respect Myself – Reach My Goals


2 Responses

  1. You are doing so well! I need an infusion of your willpower:)

  2. Hey!

    The willpower sagged a bit today, but I didn’t come unglued. You can do it Karen!

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