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I Defer To You

I love my new job. Pearl Market opens next week, which marks the beginning of a very busy summer, and I’m looking forward to seeing what it’s like from the back end. My only experience involves shopping bags filled with super fresh produce and one-of-a-kind great schtuff.

It’s kinda weird, but I don’t feel anxious about it, and it’s a huge deal. More than 4500 people attend the market every day we are open, Tuesday and Friday, and it runs through October. I have a big meeting today for another project, and I’m not worried about that either.

I’m no longer nervous about my job in general. Other than the waking up part every morning and the fact that I need to be there EVERY day, I love it.

Sure, it’s a job. If I won millions of dollars, I probably would choose different ways to fritter away my time, but it’s a damn good way to spend a work day.

I enjoy the people I work with, and my boss challenges me to push beyond my comfort zone. I feel like I’ve grown more in the past two months than I did in years, and it’s as if the person who was lurking deep within finally emerged. Watch out world!

I don’t miss my old job whatsoever. There are a few people who I wish I could see more often. I also feel a bit weird that I’m so happy to be gone, yet I still believe it is a great place to send my kid. More often than I really want to admit, I break into a shit-eatin’ grin realizing I shed the stifling work environment, and better yet found home.

I feel like my boss appreciates me as much as I appreciate him, and every time I hear him say, “I defer to your judgment,” I want to hop up on his desk and dance my happy jig.

“I defer to your judgment.” It feels good just typing it and the words help me breathe. It makes me want to stretch and grow and learn and contribute and pay it forward.


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