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Grab It When You Can

I had a wonderful Mother’s Day yesterday. We ended up at Yellow Springs and tromped around in the woods. I snapped photos of all the wild flowers popping up and we just soaked up the sunny day.

I’m not sure what it is about that place that I love so. Maybe it is because that is where I discovered that I was truly a writer…not just what I do, but how I identify myself. Even before that though, I was drawn to that left-of-center community. The wooded park is serene and inviting and the little town attached seems like a place lost in the 60’s.

It’s the antithesis of where I grew up – I don’t even think I realized places like that existed in the Midwest until I stumbled upon it many years ago. It seems so relaxed. I say I want to live there, but I wonder if I’m a bit too organized and intense to fully embrace it. I want to be laid back, but I doubt those genes exist in my DNA.

I drank in every moment of the day – delightful and perfect – just the three of us and the dog. Russell pointed out a woodpecker high in the trees and tiny grasshoppers plinking through the emerging ground cover. I thoroughly enjoyed my boy in the woods.

It seems as though those kinds of days are few and far between. I wonder is it me; the teenager? I try not to take it personally, and I remind myself that my boy is simply trying to discover who he needs to be, but some days, most days, it is difficult to be mindful of that.

When we came home, we made tie-dye shirts – was that an Yellow Springs inspiration? Who knows, but Russell found the kit tucked away in a closet somewhere so we all dug in. We failed to thoroughly read the directions, and I think mine turned out a muddy purple – who knew it was such a complicated process… maybe we needed to be in an altered state to pull it off, oh well.

I thanked both my guys for a wonderful day and made sure Russell knew how much I appreciated his time. It all seemed so genuine and simple and peaceful. I asked if we could have another day like that tomorrow. With a completely straight face, he said, “Probably not, that was hard enough for me to pull off.”

That’s my kid – honest and to the point…


One Response

  1. See you do have a life outside of dieting!
    Glad you had a great Mothers Day! I did too.

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