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Stay On Course

I experienced a weekend completely within control – wooo hoooo! I’ve been having a hard time and using food to self-sooth in some very negative ways. Even though the weekend was busy, I used it to think my way through what has been really eating me.

Several of you left great suggestions about dealing with evening snacking, which really helped deliver a strategy that hopefully will get me back to where I need to be. Thanks for the input. I want to focus on mindful eating, lights out in the kitchen at 9 p.m. and choosing low-energy density filling foods. There are no magical tricks. These are all simple little strategies that I know work and I employed to get to goal; however, somewhere, I decided I didn’t need them anymore. Hmmm, is that the same time that my thighs began to resemble a mammoth pot of cottage cheese?

Over the weekend I also confronted my discomfort with transitions. I usually go out to lunch with friends on Saturday – it’s a “safe” thing given that these are all WW staff. We head over to a local Japanese restaurant where I’m quite adept at navigating the menu; however, lunch plans changed and I felt myself panic. I thought I kept my anxiety to myself until one of my dear friends pulled me aside after our meal and said, “You were really having a hard time with ordering…why? You handled it just fine.”

First, it called my attention to the fact, as I know deep down and like to ignore, I’m horribly easy to read – especially to those who know me. Love me or hate me, you know what I’m thinking. More importantly, it led me to contemplate why I let “change” affect the way I choose to eat.

Regardless of the situation, I still must fuel my body, and when life throws challenges in the path, this need is even bigger, right? Plans provide a map and veering from what I plugged into the GPS doesn’t preclude me from reaching the destination in a safe and timely manner.

I teetered for years at the edge of a very unhealthy relationship with food, but I learned that I’m quite capable of putting on the breaks to avoid careening off the cliff…. Again, as I reminded myself the other day, I don’t need to practice all or nothing thinking so it’s nice to be on the road again even if I know I’m sure to encounter some bumps along the way.


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  1. “I don’t need to practice all or nothing thinking so it’s nice to be on the road again even if I know I’m sure to encounter some bumps along the way. ” The second part is me… the first part I struggle with. I am such an all or nothing thinker. But I am trying to change that:)

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