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Reformed Nighttime Snackers Needed

How do you handle your evenings? I’ve been really struggling (for a long time) with night time hours. Somehow, I let my good habits fly out the window because I just realized that my current nighttime habits closely align to what they were 100 pounds ago. They definitely bear no resemblance to anyone who is trying to maintain a healthy weight, which may explain the number at the scale.

Before I lost weight, I spent my evening hours munching uncontrollably in front of the TV. Cereal, chips, candy, full-fat microwave popcorn and tumblers full of Tropicana OJ was a favorite…makes my mouth water sitting here and typing. I used to begin eating as soon as the dinner dishes were put away and stop around 11 p.m. when I collapsed into bed and shut off the lights…not pretty.

I’m nowhere near that right now, but I don’t think what I’m doing could be called healthy. Last night I ate a cup of Raisin Bran with some Fiber One sprinkled on top with a half cup of milk, a banana, bowl of Doritos, 100-calorie snack and something else that I can’t even read on my tracker this morning. What the hell – it’s not even good shit. The silver lining is that I wrote it down, but that it isn’t going to keep any of it from landing on each side of my all-ready-too-lumpy thighs.

I experienced a brief moment when I paused before I began…again, there was a time that I held no awareness of this behavior; however, it is not a habit that is conducive to the way I want to live. What am I looking for? Satisfaction? Entertainment? Relaxation? Decompression? All I know is that I didn’t find it with the Spicy Salsa Doritos or anything else that I crammed down my pie hole last night.

Sometimes I wonder if I need to plan and prepare more appealing snacks. I do fine all day, and then I eat something in the evening thinking, “Nah, that wasn’t it,” and I head to the kitchen for more.

PLEASE….share some evening tips and interesting snacks… perhaps it will lodge something loose in my brain and get me thinking again.


9 Responses

  1. OMG OMG OMG this is soooo me! I just posted today about my two day binge, and most of it was at night. Mine was all “healthy” food, in theory, so that is progress. But I ate and ate and ate. Why do we do this!!!???

    I would tell someone else to not have the food around, to take a walk, to get on the computer or some other activity that keeps hands busy, to drink something with no calories, to chew gum. But of course I did none of this.


    Maybe you and I need to make a pact to help us with this nighttime eating.

  2. Are you eating enough throughout the day? If you are, try planning out a snack that is high in protein. I have found that if I set a time and a specific snack after each dinner, than I stay on track. I know that every night at 8:30 or 9 I get to eat a pudding snack with cool whip and a rice cake. It helps to prevent eating out of boredom. In between I drink tons of water!

  3. Karen,

    Let’s talk about this pact…I need to do something. Holy cow, it’s pissing me off! I can’t stay this made at myself.

  4. She-fit – I think protein my be part of the issue right now. I like the ide of your night time pudding and rice cake – crunch and sweet…something to contemplate, ahem, try. I’ve contemplated enough – I need to get off my butt and do it.


  5. I would so do it!

  6. You’re probably going to poo poo me for even suggesting it, but have you considered trying to eliminate night-time snacks, or only grant them to yourself on three nights a week instead of seven — if that is your M.O. right now?

    If snacking in the evening is something you do out of habit, perhaps decreasing the frequency of it will lessen the habit. I don’t know that even the healthiest of snacks (let’s take celery sticks for example) are a good idea if your mind can say “no, that wasn’t it” and you head to the fridge or pantry for something else.

    I hope I didn’t come off as offensive. I admire you a lot.

  7. Jennifer – no need to worry – you didn’t offend. I don’t think I’m willing to do without an evening snack because I believe that I would feel deprived – that always sets me up for trouble. After I lost weight I managed to control it and I truly viewed it as A SNACK and not an evening of eating entertainment. I had a good habit established, and I’m working on getting it back in place – one snack – like a little protein and popcorn can be very satisfying.

    thanks for all the suggestions! It really means a lot, and it always gives me something to think about.

    I also realize that this is never going to be DONE….I guess it is worth it though – I never want to go back “there.”

  8. I used to be a nighttime snacker too. It was probably boredom and habit. And I was usually eating sweets, too. I lived alone until last year when I moved in with my BF. Honestly, I am so embarrassed by that behavior I don’t do it anymore. I have a witness. I know I’ll be embarrassed and ashamed if he saw me snacking like i used to.

  9. The night time thing is hard….sometimes I’m better at it than others. I find when I focus on truly nutritious foods, snacking isn’t as big of issue….how about you?

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