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Knock On Wood

I think I may have narrowly escaped the Fast plague. I hate to even put it in print for fear that I create a jinx.

Instead of ignoring the first little tickle in the back of my throat, I moved into action. I pulled out the neti pot and started flushing out my sinuses twice a day. I swear that really is the best thing for a stuffy head. I chugged Airborne, consumed a homeopathic remedy and ate Mucinex like it was candy. I suppose the extra rest helped too… Man, I really love to sleep and wish I could figure out how to get a couple extra hours every night (and still get the other stuff done that I want to accomplish).

I ended up having a pretty good weekend. I went to a fundraising event for my previous employer. I committed to go and momentarily dreaded it, but I enjoyed myself once I put on my party duds on and headed out the door. I think the chocolate truffles helped when I arrived. I wasn’t expecting good munchies at the soiree so that threw a bit of a kink into my plan.

The rest of the weekend was fairly relaxed. I practiced some video editing – check out the tuna salad recipe – and then also learned how to do a voice over for work. I really hate the sound of my voice. Is anyone else surprised by the way your voice sounds when you hear it played back? I think I sound squeaky and infantile. Makes me wonder how anyone takes me seriously. I always wanted one of those deep sultry voices. Maybe in my next life.

I have a busy week ahead so I need to formulate a good food plan. I made some soup yesterday that will work nicely for tonight. I also have a huge package of thawing chicken breasts in the fridge. I’m wondering if I grill them tonight, will I actually take them with me for an evening brown bag session tomorrow?

I’m trying to watch my discretionary spending, and eating out has increased due to the late evenings of lacrosse and such. It’s not just the money involved either. I like to use eating out as a special occasion, so I can come up with fun food strategies that help lead me to success. When I’m just grabbing on the go, I sometimes trip myself up, which can leave me feeling unsatisfied, and you know where that will take me.

How do you deal with late nights when you don’t want to eat out all the time, but eat something more satisfying than a turkey sandwich out of a Ziploc bag – especially when you’ve already packed a lunch? If I’m going to make this work, I need to come up with something besides luck to get me through.


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  1. I hate the neti pot – it makes me feel like I am drowning! Before my trip I felt that same feeling of a cold coming on and downed the Airborne and also Zicam. Not sure if they work but figure they can’t hurt!

    I could not get the video to work for me. But I soooo agree about the voice thing. How I sound in my head is nothing like I sound when I hear my voice on tape:(

    This probably won’t help, but I could eat (natural sugar-free) peanut butter on an apple every darn night of the week! Yum.

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