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Take This, Don’t Call Me In The Morning

Both the Fast men are sick. Big surprise. I predicted it given the fact it happens every April when they refuse to take allergy medicine. They both complain that the allergy medicine makes them feel bad, like being feverish doesn’t?

I’m not a huge proponent of medication, but if I take a little preventative action – a pill a day for a month and a half – and it keeps me out of the doctor’s office and off an antibiotic, I figure it is worth it. Suffice it to say they don’t get a lot of sympathy from my direction.

I think someone was looking out for me when I opted for a career communications/marketing. I would have made a lousy nurse. “Whatdya do that for? That was really stupid. You deserve to be laying there in traction with a broken neck.”

Lyle asked me for an extra blanket last night, but I couldn’t quite hear his feeble voice (yea, it is just a cold) over the hum of the dishwasher. I obliged, but I offered too heavy of a blanket. The second one wasn’t much better, but he made due with the third – good thing or he would have likely had bigger problems than chills. See what I mean…I’m not cut out for bedpan duty.

Then, when he asked me if it was safe to take another Benedryl at 10 p.m. (he’d taken the first around 6 p.m.), I said, “probably not.” I didn’t want his snoring ass lying next to me all night. I needed sleep too, and that shit knocks him out cold! I justified it by telling myself he could have read the directions when he took the first one.

Their sickness provided a pretty peaceful backdrop to my evening. I surfed the net for a little while and then hit the hay. I did snack a bit too much. That had more to do with the fact that I failed to concentrate on healthy-filling foods yesterday so I ended up feeling hungry ALL day. This morning I have a better plan in place (and the brownies are gone).

They guys are opting out of work/school today so hopefully they will get the rest they need, but neither of them asked if I wanted to stay home to take care of them, whew. I think they know better.

Happy Hump Day!


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  1. Cracked me up! My men are like that too when they are sick. Mommmmmmm, will you get me a drink pleaseeeee. I think it is a universal man thing and moms just know we have to go on with life. I hope you don’t get it next – that is always my worry.

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