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Trinkets of Time

I had a really good food day yesterday, and it felt great to be in control and satisfied. I led my morning WW class, headed to a staff class and wrapped up with lunch at my favorite Japanese restaurant, which by the way is a perfect place to find healthy eats (as long as you avoid the tempura – to die for).

The last month has been crazy busy so I just wanted to veg when I returned home. I sinfully plunked my fanny in my favorite chair and moseyed around my nest the rest of the afternoon and into the evening in spite of the sunshine mocking me through my windows. It concerned me that if I meandered too long that I might decide that food was going to be the evening entertainment, but it all worked out just fine.

I ended up hopping on my bike to rent a movie at our local convenience store. It was really chilly by that time, but the fresh air and the aroma of the lilacs filled my head as I whizzed by. I left my carbon-emitting machine in the garage for 20 minutes and I cleared my head all at the same time. Win-win.

I generally I maintain a pretty positive outlook on life, but something special occurs during spring. The fresh new look of the outdoors makes everything seem possible. Earlier in the week, I thought about skipping a morning walk because I was really scrunched for time, but I pulled on my sneakers, and the chirping birds reminded me that there is more out there than just a to do list.

These moments, trinkets, prompts – whatever you want to call them serve a great purpose. They are simple and free and immediately focus my thoughts on what is really important in life….living it, all of it.


2 Responses

  1. I love this post! I had my own moment this past week when I thought about life and being more positive. I had been writing (but not necessarily yet publishing) some blog posts that just were not sounding upbeat. They reflected what I was thinking but then I remembered that I was using my blog to help me become more optimistic. So I wrote about that instead. And I started listing all the things I had to be happy for – which included much of what you wrote about with spring and the weather etc. And then I deleted the list because I didn’t need it anymore… I was already in a better mood:) Maybe I will finally publish that post tomorrow.

  2. I think sometimes we need the venting too, but I try really hard not to stay in that place – although my family this weekend would likely think otherwise – yikes!

    I just think you get what you put out there – for the most part anyway.

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