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It All Counts

Yesterday, I took a spin around a couple blocks midday to get a little fresh air and regroup. I usually eat my lunch at my desk while I work so a brisk walk really helps clear my head.

It was beautiful so I extended my stroll by one more block and boy, am I glad I did. I wrapped things up with a promenade under a canopy of blooming pink crab apple trees. Wow! I saw the trees early in the week from a distance and casually thought they were pretty, but walking underneath them gave me a whole different perspective.

Altering viewpoints is a good thing. I would have never noticed these trees had I not stepped away from my desk. I really didn’t feel like I had the time – even if it was just 15 minutes – but I grabbed it anyway, and I think it helped my productivity the rest of the day.

I’ve been having a difficult time finding time to (deep voice here) ahem, “Conduct my formal workout.” It kinda freaked me out for a while. I joke that exercise keeps me out prison. It is no secret that I used to eat when people pissed me off and a lot of people irritate the hell out of me. Exercise keeps me balanced – well, about as balanced as I’m ever going to be. This zebra is never going to cash in her stripes for leopard spots.

Anyway, I decided to concentrate on walking. I can’t really make the excuse that I left my feet at home so, I decided to make use of all those spare minutes, that I usually spend grumbling about waiting around on other people. For instance, last Saturday, I had several obligations in Columbus, but there was a block of time that I needed to fill. Instead of heading to the mall or movie (or an ice cream place) Lyle and I met with our sneakers and hung out at the park – I ended up walking more than 11 miles that day – and I felt great! The week was filled with impromptu examples. Several of the days, I began and ended the day with a half-hour walk with the dog.

All told, I walked 44 miles from Saturday to Thursday. That’s a lot of walking, but it didn’t feel like a big deal, and I saw great stuff along the way. A couple of those days I also managed to squeak in an appointment with the stationary bike, but spending time outdoors seemed like a much better way to exercise and simply breathe. Some days I plugged into my i-Pod, some were spent with friends and colleagues and many included the dog. It all works – and it just took stepping out of the box a little to see how I could incorporate a little more activity without feeling stressed about time.

It also makes me think about other places I can go by foot (or bike) that I’ve traditionally hopped in the car. Spring and summer provide a perfect opportunity to reexamine a few of these habits. How about you? Where can you increase your activity and it be a positive experience?


2 Responses

  1. Great job on the walking! Since I don’t have a job, I often tell myself I have no excuse not to be in great shape. Yesterday my husband suggested we walk to the post office to mail our taxes. I admit that I turned him down. My excuse: it was hot (and it was) and windy (very) and I had already showered and blown dry my hair which is quite a challenge with my current injury! I let my hair vanity keep me from walking:( But in my defense, I had already done 70 minutes that morning on the elliptical. Still, I should have walked to the darn post office. Sigh.

  2. Don’t beat yourself up…I bet there was a time in your life you wouldn’t have dreamed about a 70 minutes on the elliptical! You go girl.

    I can totally relate to not wanting to get my hair messed up – I don’t know why I think that – my “do” is totally messy look, but it seems like a good excuse when I use it.


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