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Taking Space For Me

I’m short on me time this morning. I woke like normal, but I have to leave an hour earlier, and I still haven’t figured out what I’m willing to give up to make it all work – obviously it’s not this blog entry. That leaves walking the dog, showering or breakfast. I like having that time all to myself in the morning. It’s the one time of day where I don’t feel like I have to share.

I didn’t have to share anything last night – not the garage or the bed. Lyle traveled up north for a funeral so it was just me and Russell, well and the dog of course. We arrived home late after lacrosse practice and I pulled into the garage diagonally – because I could. We have a tiny garage and we are forever trying to figure out how to make everything fit. I swear one day we will open the door and it will explode like an old 70s cartoon with Road Runner exposing Wiley Coyote waiting in hiding with three sticks of dynamite. Every space in that place is occupied with something.

The other tricky part about our garage is that Lyle is convinced that it all works the best when he pulls in at an angle, which is fine and good for him since he is the last one in and out. He doesn’t have to worry about clipping off the tail end of his car backing out. I swear he pushes the limit everyday to see how close he can get to far corner of the garage and my bumper at the same time.

So last night I tried to take up as much space as possible. As soon as I pulled in though, I wondered if I would be able to back out without taking the left inside corner of the garage and the lawn mower with me. Russell said, “It’s going to be fun getting out tomorrow.”

From there, I shed my work clothes and climbed into bed with a bag of fat-free microwave popcorn. Since I didn’t have to share the remote or worry about any channel surfing between commercials, I made myself cozy until lights out. The evening flew by and morning greeted me all too soon.

We’ll all be home to share our day today so it will be good to catch up. I always feel a tad guilty for enjoying the space to myself. Sometimes I feel like I send bad Karmic waves into the universe…so just in case, I’m here to say, I missed my hubby and I’m looking forward to seeing him this evening.



5 Responses

  1. Well, I will admit that I enjoy the occasional time when I have the bed to myself, no one pulling the covers or snoring. Our garage is also tiny and stuffed! And the other day my teen comes in after leaving for school and says, “Mom, the mirror fell off the car. I just barely tapped it.” Clearly there was more than a tap when he was backing out! Or repeated hits. Regardless, he is now parking outside.

  2. Oh no!!!! Don’t feel guilty.

    Being selfish… that word, has such a negative reputation.

    Being alone sometimes if fun and selfishness is O.K. in my book.



  3. Karen – the teenage thing may just send me over the edge…and I know its only going to get worse since mine will be getting his driving permit in about 3 months – YIKES – any suggestions you have are welcome! lol

    Rob, I agree – selfish is so negative…lets say TAKING CARE of ourselves – so much better.


  4. Oh the driving thing is horrible! My neighbor and I were just talking about how very stressful it is. My few suggestions are: figure out which parent can deal with the pressure best and have them spend most of the time in the car. (My boys much preferred to have me than uptighter dad.) Have him drive as often as you can because the more practice the better! In my state the kids need 50 hours to get their license and that takes a long time to accumulate.

    This is one of the worst things about parenting! I am so glad we are past it. Fingers are crossed my boys only knock off mirrors on our garage at home and never get into any more serious accidents.

    Good luck!

  5. Yea, I have a feeling my hubby is going to be the one who takes the lead on this one…although neither one of us seem too relaxed about vehicles…guess we have a couple months to figure it out…the best plan seems like sending him to grandpa’s for the summer!

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