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Stop The Clock

Spreading my wings was long overdue by the time I left my old job. I craved something new and different and I’m energized by challenge.

Complicated thoughts/feelings kept me there longer than what I needed. I become very loyal to people/places. Given the fact that I also maintained personal connections, it left me very emotionally tied. Let’s not forget the part time schedule and summers off. Every time I thought of a new adventure, I wasn’t quite ready to depart with the “me time.”

The news yesterday definitely provided a good reminder that as long as I’m on this earth, I need to embrace my days. It made me start thinking about my time – especially the free time I have or think I need.

I love my new job. It feels like it was meant to be – even with the crazy budget bumps that I have a feeling will leave me with few friends as they witness the new girl slashing and cutting. But it makes me smile to even think I’m part of what goes on there. It’s a blip I’m supposed to follow.

What I’m trying to reconcile is the down time – I don’t have nearly as much as I once did. I admit the part-time gig was sweet, and as the warmer weather approaches, I’m sure I’m going to miss my summers off.

I’m happy with my life, but I need to figure out how to maneuver the faster pace. I’ve reinstituted “NO,” which I think will help a great deal. I don’t have the time to do everything I WANT so I feel no compunction to spend it with something that simply occupies space…the cleaning lady helps in that arena.

I’ve been jonesing to spend some more time writing. Other than the blog, I haven’t been very dedicated at carving out even a few minutes to spend in my idea bank I keep on the computer. I wake early to write a little, but that is usually when I write my blog entry for the day, and then it is time to move on. I really can’t see myself getting up earlier than 5:10 a.m. A girl needs her sleep – especially this one.

Evenings can sometimes slip away before I think about jotting down my thoughts, but perhaps if I start taking my laptop with me I can jot stuff down while I’m waiting around for something/someone. But I’m not the one who has been waiting around as of late. I’m the one home walking the dog, which I like, and fixing dinner, which I don’t mind either. Then the evening is done. Time for bed – start the process over again. Hmmmm.

Where do you find time for the things that call you?


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