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Sing-Song Plan

It’s no secret that I’m an early riser, which is ironic given how much I truly enjoy my bed. I really LOVE slumber. Some people sleep because they have to, but I revel in just the idea of pulling on my cotton jammies and sliding between crisp sheets.

I’m not a “snoozer.” I jump up and start my day as soon as the alarm sounds, but I tell you I was tempted this morning as I pulled my lethargic ass out of bed. Things started looking up about halfway through the second cup of coffee. Then I heard the birds – through the closed windows.

I know the robins are back in central Ohio, but there were plenty of birds flying around before their return. Where the hell were they hanging out? I certainly didn’t hear them through my window panes a week ago.

Forget the isolated warm days, blooming tulips and cropped pants. The birds are on booty call. Spring is here.

A couple days ago, I was on my back porch talking on the phone, and I saw and heard a female cardinal in the tree above me. I love cardinals and I think their “songs” are pretty cool, and this one definitely had more to say than what I’ve ever witnessed from any of her sisters. Holy cow, I had a difficult time talking over her – that is no small feat.

I can’t say that it disappointed me to share my space with her, and I loved hearing all the birds this morning as I wiped the sleep out of my eyes. They remind me that no matter what happens throughout the course of the day, nighttime always brings a new day with a fresh start.

Yesterday, things went well all day, but I experienced a bumpy ride home, which led to some unplanned ice cream. I think it was a result of a very unsatisfying dinner. I really have a hard time when I leave the table unfulfilled. Does anyone else relate? What helps you cut-off the insurgents before they grab a stronghold?


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  1. I can indeed relate! If I leave the table unsatisfied I try to head for my sugar free pudding cups. Chocolate:) It helps a lot.

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