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Put Your Calculator Away

“Wow, you’re dressed up.”

Somehow I knew that I would receive a comment on my outfit yesterday. I wore a new black and turquoise skirt and funky jacket. I wanted to start my new job with a few new things – little did I know how casual the office was.

“It’s a mathematical equation,” I said as I looked at the woman’s puzzled face. “The circumference of my butt is greater than the comfortably acceptable limit on most of the pants hanging in my closet.”

She smiled and I think was a little relieved that I wasn’t as uptight as my attire illustrated for the past month.

As the weather gets warmer, I think about pulling out my summer clothes and even buying a few casual things that will be more appropriate in my current office setting; however, that is not happening until I remove this cottage cheese that somehow got stuck to the side of my ass.

When I lost a hundred pounds, I closed the boutique in my closet. No longer can I find clothes ranging from eight to 28, thank you very much. Oh, and I got rid of the elastic stretch pants too.

I admit that over the past few years, a small range of sizes somehow appeared in my closet again, but it is nothing compared to what hung there at one time, and I refuse to go out now and buy anything to “tide me over” until I remove my recent transgression. If that means walking around in a three-piece suit for the next couple months, so be it.

My waist is not proportionate with my hips and thighs even when I’m at my fighting weight. I’m not sure whether that is a good thing or bad thing. A lot of stuff can be hidden under a long flared skirt and a pair of boots. The warm spring day brought welcome relief (and vitamin D) to the long winter, but also provided telling feedback of where I need to focus.

That’s OK. I seem to be on the right track now, and more than anything, I’m glad that I can’t sneak into my closet for the next size up. I may not be as comfortable in my clothes right now, but I need to take care of a little business so I can be more comfortable in my skin.

Tell me, how many different sizes of clothes do you have hanging in your closet?

Have a great weekend.


2 Responses

  1. I have a range. A couple of years ago I seriously considered going back to work after a decade off, and then I realized none of my old work clothes would fit and I did not want to buy bigger ones since I was sure I would lose weight eventually. And then there are all the times I need to go somewhere (a special occasion or event) and have to go out and buy something because everything is too small. I hate that! But now I am going the other way and it feels great.

  2. It’s good to go in the right direction. I know where I should be and where I would love to be…reconciling the two can be challenging. But I remember days that the only thing that fit were the stretch pants – that was not a pretty place to be….It’s all about the process.

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